Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Bunch of Stuff Again.......Stay Awake.......

Happy Birthday Pittsburgh

Now here it is the first day of October....and isn't that grand ?????

In October of 2008, The City of Pittsburgh celebrates it's 250th Birthday. Lots of stuff happened here since Pittsburgh was founded and lots of stuff started here too. Someone was nice enough ta put together a little bit of the history of Pittsburgh. Of course, I, Dewey Dewster, was not even a thought back then as my Mom, Dad and Grandad were not even around. But that doesn't mean that I don't think that Pittsburgh is a real special place ta live, cause it sure is....yes siree...... Now a Pittsburgher mighta been responsible fer the world's first oil well, but it was drilled in Titusville, Pa. where our cottage is. If ya have time, check out all the neat stuff that began right here.......



Now we usually go fer a walk every evening. We know what time we're supposed ta go and we get excited when that time rolls around. Toby just can't seem ta settle down when he walks. He acts like a real nut fer sure....thought ya might want ta see 'em in action.....

videoNow here ya see Toby weavin in and out.... back and forth. Why he takes twice as many step as we do takin' the same route. No wonder he's so tired when we get back home.....'N then there's us....see how nice we walk fer Gram?


Yep, Toby needs some professional help....yes siree....but we don't know where ta get it fer him.....ya have any ideas ????? Cryin'.. walkin' crazy... weavin'.... nutty Toby.......


It's there, just click on it........
Autobiography Week

Ya probably already know all about it, but just in case ya don't.....we would like ta mention that the week of October 20 will be autobiography week.

Put yer thinkin' caps on 'n try ta remember why ya are where ya are taday and how ya got there. Yep, tell us all about yerself.

Chef and Abby were nice enough ta put this together so don't disappoint 'em by not postin' yer information.

The link is on the side of our blog fer the website. But there's a little kink in the armour cause the website can't have a million authors and so ya have ta email the info and pictures ta Abby or Chef ta have everythin' posted.

1. Visit the Autobiography Week site for details and leave a comment there letting us know you want to participate.

2. Email your stories (500 words or less) and pics if you have any (two per entry max.) to either of Chef or Abby by October 15th, at: or, and we'll paste your entry to the Autobiography Week site.


Another Big Thank You

Thanks ta Sunny, Scooter 'n Jamie who had a really cool idea fer passin' awards on ta others..... Ya could go ta their blog 'n pick out which award ya wanted and put it up on yer blog. Now how cool is that?

We kinda liked the Golden Paw Award so we snatched it fer ourselves....'n want ta say thank ya thank ya ta Sunny Scooter and Jamie fer thinkin' of us.

Now anyone who visits our blog and has a fondness fer the Golden Paw Award is welcome ta display it on their blog with our regards. Pretty ....isn't it ???????

Now that was another heap of stuff ta report......
but I just wanna say......

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on

Pgh's Birthday....
the walkin' terriers....
autobiography week
and the Golden Paws Award.......... OVER 'N OUT........