Monday, August 25, 2008

This 'n That

Hello ta all.....

We have a new houseguest stayin' with us fer awhile...til the end of October. We thought that maybe ya would like to see who it is that is stayin' here. Can ya guess who it is?

Here's a picture.....

And another one.....

And a third one. Gram made a little house outta a flower pot so the guest had a place ta put down her head....sort of like a bed.......but more like a house.......

Here's a little video of the little guy....maybe this will give ya a better hint..... I think it's givin' itself a bath here.....
Our Houseguest

Did ya guess who's visitin' us???? Huh, did ya???? Tell us who ya think it is now?????? 'N did ya see a second one stickin' it's head outta the little house ?? I can tell ya that we know they're around and we have trouble fergettin' about it too.......

This is the first Gram has been able ta get any video uploaded ta Blogger....'n she could hardly believe it was successful....we never seem ta see the progress of the upload like we did taday and fer some reason we always have an error or it just never finishes uploadin' .....but taday, viola, a successful upload....go figure......
Baby Parker

Now do ya remember that little hooman baby, Parker, who is havin' trouble growin' up? Well, Gram got a little video clip of 'em yesterday tryin' ta figure out what his feet are for.......can ya imagine....6 months old and still doesn't realize what feet are for or even that they were his feet until, guys, ya all need ta help us get Parker educated before it's too do ya think we can help him?????

Baby Parker at 6 months....

He's sure a cutie pie but needs some educatin' 'n fast........


Mark Your Calendars

Butler Doggie Fun Day

Are ya from southwestern Pa. ? Do ya love ta have fun with yer doggie? Do ya like ta meet other people who love ta have fun with their doggies? Mark your calendars because Butler Doggie Fun Day is on September 14, 2008.

Ya can try Agility, Rally, Obedience, Comformation handling, Canine good citizen and Earthdog with yer best friends. A microchip clinic will also be available. Details are below........

Sunday, September 14, 2008
(Rain or Shine)
􀂌Picnic Shelters Available on a first come first serve basis􀂌
Obedience Judging starts at 10:30 AM Conformation Judging starts at 1:00 PM
Registration starts at 8:30 AM at the Concession Pavilion for Obedience and Conformation
(No professional Handlers please, unless showing personally owned dogs)
OBEDIENCE CLASSES: $6.00 per dog, $4.00 additional entry of same dog * NO PINCH/PRONG COLLARS *
PRE-NOVICE – Judge: Dave Pistorius NOVICE A & B – Judge: Robert Balcom
OPEN A & B and UTILITY A & B – Judge: Bruce Ringer GRADUATE NOVICE - Judge: First Available
Litter Rate: Same owner, 3 or more - $12.00
JUNIOR PUPPY: 3 up to 6 months SENIOR PUPPY: 6 up to 9 months; 9 up to 12 months
ADULT: 12 months and over
SPORTING & GROUP - Judge: Kim Daboo HOUND & GROUP - Judge: Kim Daboo
NON-SPORTING & GROUP - Judge: Rick LeBeau TOY & GROUP - Judge: Rick LeBeau
WORKING & GROUP - Judge: Donna Chappel HERDING & GROUP - Judge: Donna Chappel
Best Junior Puppy: Donna Chappel Best Senior Puppy: Kim Daboo Best Adult: Rick LeBeau

Judging starts at 12:00 Noon $2:00 per dog
Adult Handling - Judge: Rick LeBeau Junior Handling - Judge: Rick LeBeau
􀃌Registration at 8:30 AM at the Agility Rings……Runs Starting at 9:00 AM
RING 1 Intro to Agility - $5.00 per Dog/Run-through - Supervised: (Agility experience not necessary)
RING 2 Jumpers Course - $5.00 per dog/run through; $3.00 per additional run-through/same dog
􀃌Registration/Run-throughs start at 9:00 AM at Rally Ring
Run-throughs - $5.00 per Dog/Run-through or $12.00 per Dog for Unlimited Run-throughs
(Rally experience not necessary)
COMBINED C.G.C. & T.D.I. TESTING - Same Day/Location
􀃌Registration starts at 9:30 AM at the CGC Test Area Testing: 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Combined Test - $18.00 per dog C.G.C. only - $10.00 T.D.I. only - $10.00
**Bring Dog License, Rabies Tag and Brush**
INFO: Nancy Kieffer (724) 285-9910 -or- Frances Cashdollar (724) 283-7384
(Courtesy of the Western PA Earthdog Club)
􀃌Registration/Run-throughs start at 9:00 AM at the Tunnel
Tunnel Runs - $5.00 per dog/run-through
$25.00 PER DOG (includes Registry)
Administered by licensed Veterinarian (for info: Linda Arnold –(724)-504-0935
FUN DAY CHAIRPERSON: Nancy Kieffer (724) 285-9910 e-mail:
DIRECTIONS: From North: Take I-79 S to 422 East Exit. Take 422 East to Route 356 (Lyndora) Exit. At light off exit ramp, get in left
lane and turn left on to New Castle Road. At the 4th traffic light (6 Pack Grill on your left side), turn left from turn lane onto Alameda
Road. At the stop sign bear right into the park and follow posted signs.
From South: Take I-79 N to 228 East and then to Route 8 North. Follow Route 8 N to the Lyndora Bypass Exit (Hansen Ave). Turn left
across the bridge (this is Hansen Ave.) and stay on Hansen until the 4th traffic light, which is a “T”. Turn left onto New Castle
Road/Route 356. Follow New Castle Road until the 3rd traffic light (Bank on your right side); turn right on to Alameda Road. At the
stop sign bear right into the park and follow posted signs.
From East & West: Take Route 8 and follow appropriate directions for North or South.


Another award fer Dewey Dewster.......presented ta me by William Tell Whistlebritches

It's the Bloggin' Friends Forever Award.....Thanks a bunch Tell.....'n while there are a bunch of rules that go along with it....we think just about everyone we know has one except we're presentin it ta Koobie.....cause maybe it will get 'er Mom outta the baseball park fer a bit and back ta bloggin'...

We're sorry Koobie's Mom.... but it can't buy ya anythin' at the ballpark.... 'n ya can't use it fer the casinos either....but ya can display it on yer blog ta show that we're all friends here.....'n forever too......

Gee, hope yer all still awake here so ya can hear me signin' out....

This is long-winded Dewey Dewster signin' out .....ten... four.........over 'n out....


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...


Oh my...those RATS are pawsome!!!! I love the way their fur is sooo stylin' ur Gram strippin' 'em?? Obviously, she doesn't need to give em bathies...they were doin' that just fine on their own!!! I know for a fact that the one beat the fur off Scruffy at poker...course that's not overly difficult to do...

So are ya goin' to Vegas with Petey? I've asked him if I can come, but he hasn't answered that's gonna be a NO for sure!!!

Don't know Mumsie's schedule yet for September...hope we can get up to Butler!!!!!

Barkin' at ya...Lacie

That Parker is just the cutest Baby Hooman we've ever seen!!! He looks so happy! Can't believe he hasn't figured out feet are for chewin'!!!

Eric said...

Hey Dewey, You have some new lodgers I see. Are they paying their rent? They seem very clean and sort of cute. I would love to have a bit of a conversation with them, ask if they like the blue flowerpot and their new home and how they keep their balance using both paws for washing at the same time... can you ask them for me?

Yikes, now Mom is dribbling all over the keyboard and my paws just looking at baby Parker. He is bootiful for sure. Now I've been pondering to as I looked at him...he seems very bendy doing that thing with his feet and hands...pawsome trick...did he get some treats ? And do you think he goes to Doga classes?

Wiry wags, Eric x

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dewey!
You have a very interesting guest at your house! And a clean one! It is so funny to see him cleaning himself!
Baby Parker is sooooo cute! Maybe if they give him treats he will learn faster!
Congratulations on your award!
Kisses and hugs

Toffee said...

Pheww! I am exhausted after reading all of your wonderful news and exciting events!

Joe Stains said...

Maybe Parker needs a diagram or something?? Those little rat dudes are cute, they sure look like clean fellas. Congrats on your awards!!

Koobuss said...

Hi Guys!!

It's me, Koobuss. Thank You so much for the award. It is beautiful and I will cherish it. I hope to be back blogging soon.

Your gram is right about the rats. They are cute! And so clean and well-groomed. That brown and white one is even kinda likable. They have the cutest ears. I hope you let them live. By the time October gets here you will be so used to them that they will feel like members of the family.

Speaking of family, your hooman baby Parker sure is adorable. He's got to be one of the cutest babies that I've ever seen without fur. He looks like he has lots of fun, too.

I wish that we were closer to all that doggie fun stuff that you guys have there in southwestern PA. But, I'm in northeastern PA and I don't think that I'll be able to come. I haven't been driving too far lately in my little red kar, you know with gas prices the way they are, and no job. Unfortunatly, Dewey, I do not win at the casino like your mother, Asta Marie, does. Sigh...

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

Abby said...

Hi, Dewey...

Wow...That was a long report...

Your houseguest is very cute...You fixed up a really nice little house for them...

Baby Parker is cuter than ever...My Mom loves it when babies find their feet...

Congrats on your Award...

Abby xxxooo

Oorvi said...

Hi Dewey,

Your guests are...well...a bit unusual! Terriers and mice...together?! But I agree that they are cute:)

Baby Parker must've learned that trick from you. He looks cute paddling away in the air:) And the way he holds his toes...that isn't easy. We don't have a human who's Parker's size...but if we had one, Baby Parker could tutor

Enjoy those competitions:)

Licks n Wags!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Dewey!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the photos of your new houseguest! She looks adorable!

Mom can't help gushing at Baby Parker's video too! He's just TOO cute!

Hope you have fun at the Doggie Fun Day! It sounds like there's loads of things to do...=)


JB's Big World said...

Uh, are those rats? My mom says she does not like them so much. She thought she heard one in our attic!
Baby Parker is soooooo cute.
Doggie Fun Day sounds really fun.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh your houseguest is pawsome. :)

And so nice of Baby Parker to come visit.

~ Girl girl

Rudy said...

Ohhhh man, welcome to MY world! I mean about rats in the house; Mom keeps 'em up in the PC room, and I love to yell hello to them every chance I get! I had a real shoutin' match with ol' Tweak last night --- I love to argue with him through the bars.
Mom used to have 4 rats but the older 2 passed on this summer, so it's now just Tweak and Little Man. Little Man looks like that rat in the video. He eats like a pig but Mom says he's the nicer rat. You're so lucky to have rats as visitors!
I'm waiting for the next time Mom drags out our tunnel liners so we can practice Earthdogging again...


Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom would be spending her days standing on top of the sofa if this guy came to visit us!
Baby Parker is just adorable!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch