Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Waggin' Wednesday...A Date, News and An Award

Hello's me Asta Marie.....

I am so excited to report that I have been invited out on a date with Jake of Florida of the Barkalot Boys.

Oops...I guess I should get up and decide what to wear as we are going to a baseball game this evening in Florida to watch the Marlins play the Cardinals and I have nothing to wear...... or do I?

Here is Jake's invitation......

Is it too late for you to join me tonight at the Cardinals-Marlins game? If so, there's tomorrow night. It's a good thing we didn't go last night though 'cause the game was stopped for rain -- although you might have enjoyed curling up inside a player's batting helmet!!One more thing, in the interest of full disclosure -- before you and I first barked at each other, I had written to Princess Willow, of the Zoo Crew, to see if Just Harry and I could be her fellows, because we had fallen in love with her puppy face. She never answered until now, and, as you can imagine, I'm a bit embarrassed, since you and I have just gotten to know each other and I'm not a Don Jake kind of guy. Just Harry is kind of happy about this, because he wasn't so keen on sharing anyway and is very eager to go out with Princess Willow all by himself. Hoping you'll understand...



And again.....when I asked about what I should wear and if it was supposed to rain.

Dear Asta Marie,

Thanks for being so understanding. Right now, I don't see any rain -- but this is South Florida and you never know. It will be really hot, though, that I can promise. How about if I bring the umbrella and you bring your hat? We'll have hot dogs and perhaps a soft pretzel, with a cold drink. They have ice cream too, I heard. And catching balls at the game is a sport in itself, so you be ready!!! Some folks bring their own gloves. I've asked our heron-cam to pick you up --he's a reliable fellow, remember he flew all the way to San Francisco with our folks -- and to be sure you get home safely. The game starts at 7:10.And, uh, could you post a perty photo on your blog -- with or without hat -- so everyone will believe it's really you with me.



So I am being picked up by the heron-cam and I am pawsitively obsessing over what hat to wear...

Shall I be elegant like the idle rich ??

Or even hoity-toity like the super rich?????

Or should I dress down for the occassion and sport a baseball cap advertising my home team???

Actually, I think this one fits a bit better...what do you think?????

So I am waiting for heron-cam to pick me up and I am really getting excited. It is fun getting ready for a date and even more fun thinking about my first meeting with Jake. Wow, wish me luck.....


Jackson Update

In case you haven't heard the latest news.......This was the latest report issued by the J's.

Jackson is doing well and is now out of intensive care. He will almost certainly be allowed home on Friday afternoon.

We're putting his proper birthday celebrations on hold until he's well enough to enjoy them fully but we do hope you'll drop by his blog on Friday to wish him a Happy Barkday!

Wow...all our wishing on the dogstar, barking and prayers have been answered....PAWSOME....

Don't forget to stop by Jax Blog and wish him a happy barkday on if we would ever forget....


Do You Have Room in Your Hearts and Homes?

Or do you know someone else who might????? Here is a little girl who has had a hard life and has been rescued from a puppymill.

She is 8 years old and now up for adoption and her name is Darcy.......

Maybe someone has met a person who admired their WFT and might have some interest? She is not a "bouncing off the walls" wire but more of a lapdog. She needs to be in an only dog home but because she is so laid back, does not necessarily need a WFT-experienced home.

For more information contact Julie at's hopin' you find the best forever home and forever deserve it.......


A Bronze Medal

I am proud to have been awarded the bronze medal for swimming in the Pawlimpics. I accept it with much appreciation to Lenny and his parents who have spent so much time putting together the Pawlimpics and for all the joy it has brought doggies and their keepers around the world. But then that's what Pawlimpics are all about.....erasing borders.....

And here I am in the winning entry in my little swimming pool cooling off......


Wow, that was does Dewey do this all the time?????

This is Asta Marie, WFT reporting on lots of stuff...........


Asta said...

Asta Marie
Fiwst of all Congwatulations on youw bwonze medal..I suwe was pwoud standing next to you in the medal cewwemony(two Asta's that's a fiwst in pawlimpic histowy)
Ithink you look smashing in all youw hats..I would choose the last's spowty, yet fashionable, Jake will be dazzled I'm suwe..have a gweat time on youw date!
I wish I could adopt that little wiwy giwl..Iget so sad when I heaw of doggies who don't get all the love that we's howwible..I'm cwossing my paws fow hew.

Isn't it just the best news about Jackson???
I'm dancing
smoochie kisses

Willow the Black Dale said...

Asta Marie,
Ok I like the casual Baseball cap look. That suits the occasion and YOU! I personally think you make everything look good. But hey you are a terrier after all!!! Please don't forget to report on your date! Sit reallll close if it rains! teehee

Congratulations on your medal. My mom likes your idea of swimming too.

Have fun,

Eric said...

Asta Marie, I was so pleased for you on winning you Paw Limpic medal how you managed to curl up into that little bowl is beyond me - maybe you should enter for the athletics too?

How dogablogging xcitingto be going on a date with one of the Barkalot Boyz. From what I've heard you will be the pawsfect match for each other- me's wondering wonder who will have the last bark?!!

You look very fetching and foxie in all your hats but I think the baseball cap is most pawfect. I can't wait to hear about your date and wish you the most pawsomest of times.

As for Darcy, Mom and I are reaching through the pooter to cuddle and love her, bless her.We really hope she is adopted very soon. Let us know won't you?

Wags, Eric x

Abby said...

Hi, Asta-Marie...

Congrats on your Bronze Metal...I love to see you laying in your bowls of water...The video showing how you get in there was great...

Have fun on your date...I went to a baseball game with Petey & it was great...You'll love it...

I'd wear the baseball cap if I were you...You don't want to be overdressed...

I sure hope Darcy finds a Forever Home...

Abby xxxooo

Sparky said...


Oh wow, you've got a date with Jake?! That's pawesome! I think the first hat is my favorite. I hope you have a grrrrEAT time!

Oh, and congratulations on the bronze medal, it was well deserved! What a fantastic shot of ya!

And I'm so glad Jackson is getting better!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Asta Marie!
Where I should start.... Hmmmm.... Ok!
Congratulations on your Medal!
I like the cap for your date!
I hope Darcy finds a lovely forever home soon!
I hope Jackson will be fully recovered soon!
Kisses and hugs

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Boy Asta Marie...that was some reporting! Everytime we pass that pump at Northpark, we laugh!! Your bowl is still there.... and in good shape...

So ya have a date? Did you see my pics form Petey's and my date??? He's a teeny bit scared of my cuz of that video ur gram took of me tryin' to remove Dewey's and Toby's faces. I liked the Pirate's caps...the second one is my favorite!

Darcy is one cute Wire!

Barkin' at ya Sweet Girl!


Petey said...

Hi Asta Marie,

Remember me? Petey? The one you had a date with that was set up by your son Dewey Dewster who NEVER told you about it until I was on your doorstep?

Well, I'm glad you're more prepared this time for your date with Jake and hope you have a great time. Remember, his name is J-A-K-E!

Your pal (and potential boyfriend, too),


Joe Stains said...

I think the Bucs cap is perfect! Congrats on your medal, that pic cracks us up big time!

Oorvi said...

Hi Asta Marie,

Congratulations on winning the medal:)

About those hats - I think they all look good, but I like the pirate look best:) But wouldn't that scare Jake off? On second thoughts - I'd go for the baseball cap.

Enjoy your date:) Is Dewey going to stay home?

Licks n Wags,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I like that first picture of you Asta Marie. It look so elegant.
Congrates on winning a medal.

~ Girl girl

Maggie and Mitch said...

Congratulations on your medal! We just LOVE that picture!
We like the elegant hat the best!
We hope Darcy finds her forever home very, very soon! What a cutie!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Clover said...

Hi Asta Marie! Congrats on your medal in the pawlimpics! And I think you should wear your casual cap on your date - it looks cute!
Love Clover xo

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh dear look at little Darcy. D would love to have her but we're across the big ocean and there are already 4 of us but she looks so sweet. We sure hope she goes to a loving home soon. Paws crossed for her!!
Glad you had a great time with Jake, Asta Marie. You look great in all the hats.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy