Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Week in Our Life

The Election is Over

We would like ta congratulate President Elect Barack Obama who has won the Presidential election in the United States fair 'n square........he didn't even tug fer the honor. We hope that he can get this country back on track and out of this recession we're in.....cause then the rest of the world will follow...... and everyone wants the whole world ta be prosperous 'n happy too......'n we want more goodies fer the doggies too.......


The Passing of a Friend

We would like ta sent our thoughts 'n prayers ta Eli in Singapore cause that little fur-ball hamster, Girl Girl, has left us all 'n gone ta the Rainbow Bridge. We hope that Bae Bae can help to fill some of the void that Girl Girl's passing has left.

We will always remember her and love her........sleep peacefully our friend.......or should we say play tirelessly with those who left before you.......


Well, Hello there !!!!!!!!

Bet ya thought we were never comin' back.....didn't ya ????? Thought we were stuck in the wilderness.....buried under 12 feet of snow... without power, water and a way out. Well, sorry ta disappoint ya but we were just not doin' anything very interestin' and so we decided ta take a week or so off and get ourselves tagether again. It didn't work.....we're still not tagether but we're here anyway.

We were watchin' Pap work on the new porch roof at the cottage at our window perch.

We had a few nice warm Indian Summer days and then the rain and snow came....but this time it didn't lay much and it didn't turn off the power either. But we decided to just leave the rest of the finishing work for warmer weather and head for home again.

Here's what the cottage looks like with the new porch roof partway finished......we're gonna love it !!!!

Back in the Burgh again, I decided ta rest in my under-the-table bed. This is one of many beds for us around the house and we just love 'em.......

Then Gram was workin' 'round the house....movin' furniture and she found a veritable treasure trove of goodies for us. All the hooves that we just loved had gotten themselves behind the furniture and we couldn't find 'em. But once we discovered 'em again....we just had the best time chewin' 'em again.

Me 'n my hoof......

Ya gotta get right down 'n chew 'em up......

It helps ta clean yer teeth fer chew....chew....chew....

But...........then I discovered my red lobster and had ta have it.........

Just cause I had it Toby wanted it....what a Baby he is.....always wantin' stuff that belongs ta me.....he grabbed it and started ta tug.......

And Tug......

And Tug.......

Too bad ya can't hear all the growlin' that goes along with the tuggin' woulda scared ya fer sure......

No one won the battle and as I bid ya all a wonderful evening.....I leave ya with a partin' shot of my tongue....Toby wishes he had one as perfect as mine.....

So we hope ya all have a great weekend and that ya all get yer own hoof.....they are sure smelly as anythin' when they get wet......but we still LOVE "EM.......
This is Dewey Dewster reportin on our week...... 'n what a week it was......


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Welkhome Bakhk!

Did woo bring ME any SNOW!?!

We lost our Lt Governor last night - on the evening news I saw her playing with a terrier like wooooo!!! I don't know what kind fur sure but it surely looked Lakelandly -

It was sad that Girl Girl left us -

Happy Weekend!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Dewey!
Glad you are back!
It does not sound fun not having power!
I hope everything goes well with Mr. Obama!
Snow? Hmmmmm....
Kisses and hugs

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

Good to see you Dewey! Hooves are great, but Mom thinks they stink too. Since her grandaddy raised horses and cows, she knows why those hooves smell!! aacckk.
We sure like your country place!! It looks very pretty. You can keep the snow though...;)

JB's Big World said...

I was very sad to hear about GirlGirl....she was my first hammie friend.
I think my brother would love that lobster.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dewey,

I am so happy that you are back...blogging isn't the same without you pawing in your thoughts! I don't have another Zinar Cutie to play tug-n-tear with I play it with Cameo. But I should say that you too play it really fouls!

Your porch looks superb! Cameo just commented that if we built a cottage in such beautiful wilderness somewhere here, we'd disappear from the face of earth! You can't afford to be so far off from way! The people who have farm houses here are the really rich ones who then build huge walls (the china wall kinds, construct guard houses and populate them with guards!

And all of us admire your Pap so much. He built that porch roof all on his own - here things are a bit different. If you can own land and farm-houses you hire people to do everything for you! Cameo and Mercury are considered to be weirdos because they do everything on their own (they aren't that rich either) but all their friends/associates/relatives hire help for cleaning houses, dishes, cars...and so on!

Funny...isn't it? How everything seems to be some similar on the surface, but how different it is underneath!

I don't know whether I've told you this - but Dewey, your Gram and Pap are an inspiration to Mercury and Cameo:)

You take care of yourself, Toby, and Asta Marie and give a good slurpy lick to Gram on her ear for me.

Enjoy and when you have time visit my blog.

Licks n Wags,

Mango said...

Nice to find all those buried treasures.


Maggie and Mitch said...

We expected that lobster to splode after all the tugging he got!
We've never had a hoof before! Mom say the sight of them wigs her out and she somehow can't pick it up to buy one for us to try!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

G'day Dewey,
We've been away too and got back yesterday.
We thought that red lobster was going to be history for a moment there. We get all growly when we play tug games too.
Hey what a great result for the election in the States. Hopefully Obama can make things right. Paws crossed ay!

Noah x

Koobuss said...

Hi everybody,

Boy, you guys sure have been busy. Great post!!

We too hope that our new President-elect can get our country going in the right direction again. It seems to have gotten knocked off course.

How sad about GirlGirl. She was such a sweet little friend.

Your new porch roof looks great. You will really like it in the summer when you have shade.

You three really lucked out, finding those hooves and other neat stuff when your mom moved the furniture. That was great. I had some hooves when I was little and really liked them. However, my mom didn't so I never got any more. It's a shame that humans only get you the stuff that they like. She should take me shopping and let me pick out my own stuff. After all, I'm the one that's going to use it.

You and Toby had quite a tug of war there with that red lobster. I like Red Lobster, too.

Great tongue, Dewey! It's one of the best that I've ever seen. You should be proud.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Chef said...

Hooves, Dewey? I never had a hoof. Maybe they don't sell them here in Canada, just like bully sticks that you can't find anywhere, practically. But they sound stinky enough for me ... for Mama, maybe not so much.

Your cottage is looking just great. I bet you're really looking forward to your Pap finishing up the porch roof. It's going to be great having shade when you're lying outside.

I was sorry to hear about Girl Girl. I didn't know her but I was sad for all her friends and her family. I also hope she's happy and playing tirelessly.

Don't you just love when someone cleans behind the furniture and all your lost toys show up? It's like getting new toys all over again. But I'm just wondering how they get back there in the first place ...

Glad you all had a great week.


Eric said...

hey pals,

Wagging good to see you. First up, think Parker baby looks the most cute of cutest turtles.Looks like he crawls like one now too? Clever boy.

Then brrrrrr SNOW??? No tricity? Paw pals.But looks sort of pretty and the cottage...ooooh is bootiful.

NOw hooves? You eat hooves? Horses? Mooies? Rudolphs? Well I never. No never. Look good though.But then anything looks good to me at the moment.

And how are your unwanted visitors? Upped and moved on? Or settled down and paying rent,hee,eehheheee?

Wiry wags, Eric x xx

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Hmm...Dewey...we've NEVER had a you um chew em up and swallow em? (Mumsie wants to know...) OH>>>and she wants to know if they get mushy and stain the carpet like some of the darker rawhide....and those darn red parts of our dingos...???? We looked closely at ur pix of them...are they too small for Stan's big jaws? Let us know!

That new porch roof looks FAB! When was ur cabin built?? We still can't believe how much snow ya got there....crazy!

Lobster must be one tough guy to put up with two terriers doin' tuggies on him!!

Hey..where are the RATS?

Barkin' at ya....Laciegirl

Pee our last WARM walk in at North Park yesterday...we played in the was fab!

Agatha and Archie said...

Well as always excellent reporting job.We were waiting fo rthe lobster to SPLODE also!!! THe porch looks pawesome..Maybe you guys should have a big party there??!! Ask Lacie how to throw one.....Love A+A

Momo and Pinot said...

OMD, Parker The Turtle!! He's an adorable boy!! We can't stop saying awwwwwww...... awwwwww...

We're glad Obama man won!! It's time to change!!

You know we also love laying under the table. There is something about 'there'!!

Momo & Pinot

Asta said...

You suwe awe a gweat wepowtew..have you evew considewed a job on the news ??you'we vewy photogenic, and smawt as a whip, and well I think with all the good changes in govewnment, maybe we could use some clevew WFTs on TV too, you know, just to make the wowld even bettewew.
smoochie kisses
pee ess ess. Iknow just what that sound is like, you should heaw me playing tug wif Duffy..I'm fewocious

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

Hi Guys and Girl,

You certainly look like you had fun this week. I can just imagine all the growling going on over that lobster, long as it's just noise. That's just our terrier nature. Some other non-terrier pet owners are a little put off by how vocal I am when I play. Keep those reports coming.

Luna Licks,


Bae Bae said...

Thanks for thinking of Girl girl.

You doggies sure were busy..

~ Bae

Asta said...

Hi Dewey and Asta Marie and toby
Hope you guys awe stawting the week wight..I suwe wish you lived closew so I could see you..anywho...What awe belly bands??nevew heawd of them..Mommi just makes us go out constantly..Duffy is doing pwetty well..but if you have bettew ideas we'we weady
smoochie kisses

Clover said...

Hi there Dewey!
You sure had a busy week! I am glad you are back now and found some delicious chewies!
Love Clover xo

JB's Big World said...

Hi Dewster....just came over to say hi. My brother is doing good....growing to big for me though. He now gets to have hot tubs inside....I will post about that soon!

Lenny said...

I am glad the election is over. My mom is a lot less busy now, and I am starting to catch up on my blog reading!

You totally put me in the mood for a delicious hoof! My people think they are too smelly so I don't get them very often.

Your friend, Lenny