Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas brought us Santa Claus and Santa Paws.....

Why hello ta all !!!!

Did ya have a Merry Christmas ???? Did ya ?? Did ya ??? We sure did here. Why, we had visits from Santa Claus and Santa Paws too......

Santa Claus came and left off some stuff fer Gram....'n Pap....'n big bruvers Scott & Brian....'n big sister Heather.....but most of all he left stuff fer Baby Parker......

Pap had ta show the Christmas Tree ta Parker cause this is his first Christmas and he didn't really know what a Christmas tree was.

Santa Claus brought him some new books and he was readin' one with his Dad. Parker even knows how ta turn the pages cause he's gettin' ta be a big boy !!!!

He was havin' trouble openin' up his gifts 'n my Mom was ready ta help him get it open so he could play with it.

Then while we were sleepin' Christmas Eve, Santa Paws came 'n left us some packages....just special fer us ta open all by ourselves.

Mom knows how ta open packages real well cause she's been openin' 'em fer a few years now.

Toby got his new toy outta the package and he was squeakin' it like crazy !!!!

Mom got hers out too and she was goin' ta town on it.

I got mine out too and I was playin' up a storm.......

But I don't like ta share so much and I saw all the toys were so nice and I had ta have 'em all. So I just took 'em off Mom 'n Toby and then I had all three........I tell ya it was hard ta keep all 3 in my mouth.....fer sure.....

Gram 'n Pap tell me that I'm a brat fer sure.......but I wanted 'em all. Gram took 'em away 'n gave 'em back ta Toby 'n Mom.....bummer.......

We each got a bully stick too...Mom was havin' fun, fun, fun eatin' hers.......

Toby was havin' fun, fun, fun eatin' his.......
'N I was havin' fun, fun, fun eatin' mine too.....

Before I go I want ta introduce ya to my brother Cedric......he lives in Manhattan and on Long Island too. His Dad has an antique refinishin' business in New York and he got his picture in the December 2008 issue of Country Home Magazine. Cedric's Dad sent Gram this picture 'n Gram went out today 'n bought the magazine too so she can save it.
Meet my brother, Cedric Ebbitts......ain't he just beautiful ?????

Gee, Christmas was really a special day.......'n we hope that everyone had a really nice visit with their families and friends.....'n got lots of nice stuff too....

'N we're hopin' that 2009 is a much better year.......fer everyone......all over the world.....why, everywhere !!!!

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on Christmas and wishin' everyone a Happy New Year !!!!


Rudy said...

I hope Parker enjoyed his Christmas! He sure is getting big!
You guys got a lot of nice toys too. We had a nice Christmas too, but not as busy as yours.


Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!
Love Cedric pic, and he lives here in NY/long Island too!! What a suprise, don't see hardly any WFT. I thought Asta and me were that only ones. (Oh and Asta brother duffy)
With Wagging tail,

Noah the Airedale said...

Awww Dewey, you're just like my sissie Tess. She was collecting all the toys for herself on Christmas day.
We think your brother Cedric is a sweety.
Thanks for the good wishes. We hope you have a safe and happy new year.

Noah x

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a handsome boy Cedric is, Dewey, and what a pretty Christmas tree!
You and Mitch would have a blast together stealing toys back and forth from each other! He's as stingy as you are! hehehehe

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Looks like you had a really great Christmas!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Cedric sure is a cutie! Maybe, someday, you can meet face to face! We're glad you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year to all of you!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

The FOUR Musketeers said...

We will love to share the warm weather with you , but how to ? BOL ! But do put on a few more layer of clothes to keep warm alright !


Koobuss said...

Hi Guys,

Great post, Dewey! It was nice seeing pictures of everybody.

I'm glad that you didn't try to steal your Mom's and Toby's bully sticks. Bully stick theft is one of the worst crimes there is. They are much too valuable to be lost to a thief. I'm really careful with mine.

So you have a famous brother, Cedric Ebbitts. How nice! He is very handsome. Your mother has two son celebrites, you, the blog author and Cedric. She is a lucky woman dog. Talent must run in your family. You guys must take after her.

Happy Holidays!!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Joe Stains said...

Looks like Christmas was pawesome! Don't worry about hoarding the presents, Christmas is over you can be naughty again!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Woo surely had a fun day!

Khongrats on the famous modelling brother! He's a handsome fella too!


Agatha and Archie said...

What great pressies!! (I have been know to steal my brothers toys as well) We are glad you had a great holiday and wish you and your PL'w a happy healthy and peacefull new year! Love A+A

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dewey!
I am sure Parker enjoyed his first Christmas!
You all got very nice and yummy presents!
Squeakie toys are the best, right?
Now, is time to rest and get ready for the New Year!
Kisses and hugs

Jackson said...

Hey pals, what great gifts from Santa Paws! Are they still intact, hehehe? J x

Chef said...

Hi Dewey.

Looks like everyone had a great Christmas at your place. Parker's turning pages! WOW! Soon he'll be reading to Gram and Pap! He's so sweet. And Cedric - what a handsome fella. Of course he is. He's your brother!

Yeah, I can tell ├Żou're totally remorseful about stealing the toys there, Dewey. Heh heh. Bet I know where they are right now ...

So here's wishing you, yours, and everyone the very best for 2009 - filled with joy, good health and peace.


JB's Big World said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. And Parker is getting BIG! My brother, Bear, has a lot of those squeaky toys and it drives my mom nuts sometimes!

Eric said...

Dewey Pal, whata fabbie Christmas you had with the leggededs and baby Parker. Shame BP only got a book not a nice stuffie that you could "share" tee heee.Brother Cedric looks mighty handsome, bet your Mom was wagging proud of her 2handsome boys. Ask Cedric what he gets paid for modelling Dewey cos I reckon Gram must owe you a ton or two of treats for all the photies you've been her model in this past year.

I wish you and your leggededs a wagging wonderful 2009 Dewey. Thanks a squillion for being a special square pal and your cool Christmas poem on my Christmas post.Here's to you pals!

Cheers! Eric xxxxxxxx