Friday, December 10, 2010

Is it Winter already....or what ?

Hi ya bloggies,

Dewey Dewster here ta tell ya what we have been doin' lately.
Well, fer one, we've been tryin' ta stay warm
cause this is what it looks like around here lately.
Ya probably don't even have ta wish fer a white Christmas....
cause this stuff isn't goin' anywhere anytime soon.

See that white stuff ?
We don't mind it so much but Gram 'n Pap hate the stuff.
They admire the first snow cause it's pretty ta look at
but when it just comes and never leaves, it gets annoyin'....really annoyin'......

We live on top of a hill and so ya can get a good view of the houses
and trees and streets below us.
Now since we can't play outside becuz of the snow,
we like ta play inside.
There's nothin' like a good game of fetch.

Sometimes we play with the ball and other times we like ta play with any toy
we can find and get Gram 'n Pap ta throw fer us.

Now why does Toby have ta play when I wanna play?
Can ya tell me please?
I always have ta show 'em whose boss......
'n that's me of course....the boss, I mean...
As if ya didn't already know that.....
After runnin' up and down those steps a hundred times,
 me 'n Toby were just plum worn out.
That 'n we thought ya might want ta see our tongues.
Pretty, aren't they?

Well, I think I caught my breath now 'n there's not much else
that we've been doin' lately cause it's really cold outside.
But I always like ta give ya some food fer thought.
So tonight I'm askin' ya if ya believe in Santa Claus ?
Ya know the jolly old guy in the red suit.....
'n a long white beard.
Do ya think he's gonna come Christmas Eve
and bring ya some
new toys....
 'n biscuits....
and maybe a chewy or two?

Me....I'm watchin' out the window fer 'em. .....
Santa Claus, that is.
If he comes I'm gonna bark 'n bark 'n bark some more.
 Then I'm checkin' the fireplace ta see if he left us anythin' special
I'm checkin' ta see if he left us anythin' at all.
Then I'm gonna play with everythin' I can.....
' Eat most of the goodies
before I wake up Mom 'n Toby.....
Cause then I'll know that I was
NICE....'n not NAUGHTY......

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on our cold weather..... 'n snow....indoor games
and waitin' fer Santa.....


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo have my snow! ! !

Great workout plan!

The Beastie in DaBurgh should try some steps fur her - ummm - derriere!

Stay warm!


Maggie and Mitch said...

We only have a dusting of snow in the shady parts of our yard where the sun doesn't shine. We want more!
We are trying to be very good doggies so that Santa comes down our chimney on Christmas eve, Dewey!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sally said...

Wow - that is a lot of snow! Everything shuts down here - its chaos! BUt we love playing in it! And Yes we believe in Santa - and we are sure he will be very generous - we have definitely been more nice than naughty - honest!

Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Mango said...

That is an excellent work out. I love the sound effects.


Jake of Florida said...

Yep, it is a bit nippy!!! We were in the 30s the last two nights, and further north it was a bit colder. Usually the colder weather comes somewhat later -- January/February. But it's warming up already to 60-70.

We don't have the long-term forecast, but if we were you all, we'd be sure to have some sweaters, gloves, and socks for the humans. I don't think you intrepid wires will need anything special -- we were outside without our fishermam's sweaters and were just fine.

Ask your gram to send us the telephone number again, please -- in case we get up your way.

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Poppy said...

Hi Dewey.

This is "Feisty" Poppy from the old country England. I see you have been on our boat blog at and left a comment.

So I thought I would repay the complement and visit your blog again. You can read a bit more about me at

take care

Merry christmas and a happy new year.

Poppy XX

George the Lad said...

Hi Dewey, thanks for popping by. I ment to come and see you after the last comment you left about London, it would have been a shock if you had been Christmas shopping that's for sure!! don't know what came over them, we live over 200 miles away so was safe.
Anyways I getting side tracked
I love your video's I can see why you were bushed out, I know how it takes it out of you going up and down steps!!!
See Yea George xxx

Chef said...

Hi Dewey. That sure is a lot of snow, but nothing like we have here in Canada. You would never, ever go outside if you had as much snow as we do and if it was half as cold. Personally, I don't like it except for playing ice pucky. That's when I slide blocks of ice down the sidewalk with my nose and then chase them, pulling my Mama all over the place! Ha ha!

That's a great way to get indoor exercise on your own personal stairmaster! And yes, your pink tongues are very pretty!!

Anyway, I want to wish you and Toby and Asta Marie and your Gram and Pap a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. BTW, is Gram on Facebook? That's where my Mama has me hanging around these days so we'd love to stay in touch with you there. She's been just so lazy with my blog I don't know what to do with her anymore! Email me and let me know if you're on FB and under what name, k?

In the meantime, I'll try to make Mama do a post to let my friends know that my Papa is half-way through his treatment and all his tests are coming back fine. He's still feeling sick a lot but he's soldiering on and doing the best he can. I've been taking real good care of him and laying by his side when he's not feeling well.

Have a fantastic Xmas, Dewey and family. Sending you love and lickies.


Oorvi said...

Hi Dewey,

The snow looks lovely. It makes me wonder whether you, Asta Marie, Toby go out and roll in the snow and play the way the humans do?

I love your picture against the dark window - you look so distinguished in it. You look like a philosopher. Remember the human statue "The Thinker" by are the canine thinker:)

BTW, there's a story about you on my blog:)

Wise Wags,

Laila said...

It's winter and it's in the air...I love the pictures so cool and update too...^_^

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JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

You do have snow! Hope you are staying warm. Cute videos and we are waiting for Santa too!
Merry Christmas Dewster, and thanks for making up laugh this year!