Monday, January 17, 2011

On the move....and Dewey Immortalized

Hi ya Bloggies,

I tell ya we never seem to get ta talk about what we are doin' anymore until it's almost too late ta tell ya.
Right after Christmas, we left "da burg" and headed south fer the winter. We drove all night long and then all the next day and only stopped fer the night once we reached Georgia. There was a terrible snow storm and we wanted ta beat it. We didn't beat it but we missed the worst of it by leavin' early.

              That, I tell ya what we saw in the Carolinas on the way down ta Florida.
            'N the Carolinas are not used ta gettin' snow so we saw a lot of accidents on the trip down.

              But now we're lookin' at this beautiful scenery at Lake June in Winter in Lake Placid, Florida.
                                                          'N we are sure glad ta be here too.
                    We've had a few cold nights but fer the most part the weather has been beautiful here.
Yep, I tell's paradise....fer sure.......

Ain't it just spectacular?  
Water....'n ramps ta walk out on....
                                                                      'n more water....
                                                                          'n trees too.
                      Then there's these sandhill cranes that are walkin' around in our neighborhood.
                                           Imagine that ! I mean who invited 'em anyway?
                                                       They don't have a house here.
                                                           So we had ta bark at 'em..........
                                                 I mean we're the bosses 'round here......right ?
                                                                   Ya agree, don't ya?

          Then I tell ya that we really got upset cause Gram 'n Pap found this turtle walkin' on the road
                  and they didn't want 'em ta get hit by a car so they brought 'em back ta our house.

                                       Put 'em right in our exercise pen....I tell ya......OUR PEN!
         There he was just lordin' up the place like he owned it
  'n it is OUR PEN !

                                   So I had ta watch 'em outta the window in our Florida room....
                                 ta make sure he wasn't takin' anythin' that didn't belong ta him.......

I mean that was a HARD JOB....... watchin' that turtle ta make sure he was bein good.......
a really HARD JOB!
But then someone had ta do it was ME!
So he spent the night in our exercise pen cause Gram 'n Pap went ta a sports bar ta watch the Steelers play football.
We found out that he was called a gopher turtle....cause they dig tunnels like a gopher.
So what did the little nurd do that night?

He dug himself  inta the ground so we couldn't see 'em anymore 
'n so we would think he had moved on.

 But I was smarter than that....cause I knew he was still there.
Yep, Gram 'n Pap told us that they took 'em ta the nature preserve across the lake
 but I think he's dug 'imself a BIG DEEP TUNNEL
and he's hidin' in our exercise pen.
So everyday I check the perimeter just ta make sure.
 I'll sniff 'em out....yer siree.......
He can't fool me !


Now fer a special topic that is very dear ta my heart.........
Dewey Dewster has been immortalized

I tell ya, Bloggies, No one and I mean no one will ever ferget the Dewster.....not ever....

 cause Shafali has captured me.....
in tip-top form....
at my most handsome...
just bein' THE DEWSTER !

Now if ya don't think that is a picture of the most handsome dog ya ever did see....
then ya need ta have yer eyes checked.
Just look at that face, will ya ?
Sheer perfection at it's finest !
Why, once Hollywood sees this picture...they are gonna be callin' me non-stop
I'm gonna be famous....yes siree....
The next dog ta be picked fer the Marley and Me sequel.

And if ya want ta see other great stuff that Shafali has done.....drawin' stuff that is...... ya can visit 'er blog
'N I'm sure that this beautiful face of mine is gonna make her famous too...
Shafali, I mean...
Fer sure...
But not as famous as I'll be.....

So, there ya have it bloggies........A picture of what we have been doin' lately....but only a little one mind ya cause we just couldn't tell ya everythin'.....that would take ferever.....

As fer me....I have my best vantage point back again at our fenced yard by our pavilion.
'N I'm gonna watch out ta make sure no VERMIN invade our little paradise.

It's a tough job....but someone has ta do it !

This is Dewey Dewster (on the way ta becomin' famous) reportin' on our trip south and how I got ta be immortal.....
If ya see my head growin' bigger....yer sure ta know why.......


Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

Fantastic pawtrait! We love it.

Happy New Year Dewey.

Molly, Taffy and Monty

Asta said...

Ypu cewtainly look most pawsomely handsome in youw pawtwait!!!
but then I've aways thought youw ewe a most bweaftaking gowgeous doggie.
Glad you and youw family awe having a lovely tie in youw wintew wetweat..have a ball
smoochie kisses

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your pen and ink portrait is fabulous, Dewey! We love it!
That gopher turtle is pretty cool!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That is an inkhredible portrait of woo!


Lorenza said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your trip!
That big turtle looks scary!
And then...
I can't close my mouth!
Your portrait is super duper pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

Shafali said...

Hi Handsome,

You look great in all your pictures so it's only natural that you look magnificent in your portrait too:)

I am glad that you didn't find that turtle again - good for him. BTW, when are you planning to go for a swim in that beautiful lake? (Make sure Toby is around when you do.)

Lots of love,

Agatha and Archie said...

IN YOUR PEN!!! HOW DARE THEY!!!!You look fabulous in your painting!!!!!!!! and You all look so nice and warm.. and not all snowy.. like us.. Love A+A

TwoSpecialWires said...

Aw, Dewey. What do we say? You are the greatest. In every respect. And the portrait just proves it.

Now. We want to know. Do ya think that gopher turtle could be the one that we had for lotsa years. Then our Auntie Judith? Then our Uncle Steve? Steve let it loose ... over on the other side of the state from ya (in Horseshoe) and never ever saw it again. Maybe it smelled ya and dug its way right over. Do you think?

Just wonderin
Jake and Fergi

William Tell said...

A nurd of a turtle? Would that be a nurdle? Anyway, glad to see you keeping such good watch over the place while that intruder was there. No telling what stuff he'd cart off in his trunk if you weren't paying attention. Ya can't trust a traveling turtle. :)

Happy Tails,
William Tell

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Oh Dewey, we love your animal friends, especially the crane! Great pics!
And the sketch of you is pawsome. You are famous you know.

Eric said...

Hey Dewey.Super reporting pal and cunning 'n clever of you to chase the snow and those critters away.Cheek of that turtle in your pen!And not half as good at digging as you.

The pen and ink drawing of you is well wicked Dewey but then when you were the subject it couldn't be otherwise you handsome hunk of a square boy. Hope Gramma has hung it in the bestest showplace in the house.

Wiry wags n kisses Eric xx

Koobuss said...

Hi Dewey!

That is a gorgeous portrait! But you are so handsome that it has to be! Shafali did a marvelous job. Now that you will be famous I can say that I knew you way back when...

Glad that you all had a safe trip down to Florida and that you are happy in the warmth. Are you sure that you don't miss the ice and snow that your northern friends are enjoying so much?

Have a super time at Lake Placid1

Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

Chef said...

Hey Dewey, I sure hope that gopher turtle is gone - he looks scary. Don't go poking around too much though, in case he's got quills ...

Anyway, glad you're all home safe and sound. Great sketch, Dews. Could it be otherwise, my sweet, handsome friend?

Well, guess what?? Three and a half more months of Papa's treatment left to go !! He's doing fine and all his tests have been great so far so we're really happy about that. And guess what else? We remodelled our kitchen and I have my very own private eating quarters. I wish Mama would get back to blogging so I could post a picture. One of these days maybe she'll stop being so lazy.

Big Boxer slurps to all of you !! xoxo

Love, Chef

Laila said...

That was a cool update...You are having great adventure there and cool stories to share with us...I like this post...^_^

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