Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Pittsburgh Dog Show

Hi everyone,

It's me and Toby reporting from our window perch on the Great Pittsburgh Dog Show held at the Convention center this Saturday and Sunday. We didn't get to go....I know why...they were afraid that we would win all the prizes and there wouldn't be anything left for anyone else....lucky we decided we didn't WANT to go that left more prizes for all the other doggies who did go.
So, this is the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh from the side entrance as you approach from the parking lots in the Strip District.
And this is what the convention center floor looked like from the floor above. Look at all those hoomans who came to see doggies strut around the show ring and leave pee mail in pens lined with cedar chips.
Hey, this a view of some of the many bridges in Pittsburgh on the Allegheny River. This was out the window in the convention center and you can see PNC Park in the distance.
And here are a few of the buildings visible from one end of the convention center along Ft. Duquesne Blvd.

If ya wanna see some of the doggies that were in the ring click on the YouTube videos below. I'm a warnin ya, the only ones you'll see here are the Wire Fox Terriers and not much of them either since it takes forever and a day to upload video to YouTube and anywhere else. And the video gets distorted as well. But ya can get an idea what the doggies looked like anyway.

Here's Altha in the ring with her 13 month old puppy, Summer.

And here are both of the Wires showing that day right before the judges decision. The Judge was Peter Green. The other wire is Hettie and she is the littermate of my Dad, Fred.

By the way Summer won the ribbon. Pretty little girl......Congratulations to Altha !!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't Try This At Home !!!!!!

Good Evening Friends,

Last fall a new television program premiered here in the states. It was called Moonlight and it was about a hooman detective who was a vampire. It took a while for us to get used to watching hoomans kissing other hoomans on the neck and then looking up with blood dripping down their face. What a strange way to kiss….don’t ya think?

Since the writers strike was settled this year, the program has not returned…….boo hoo. Well, me and Toby decided that we would practice playing the part of the vampire right here at home….even though they tell ya….”Don’t try this at home”.

Now, this is Toby just restin on the sofa lookin kinda innocent and unsuspectin....

Ya should always be on your guard, mates…..never let it down……

Cause along comes a predator when ya least expect it and knocks ya right over…..

Do ya think Toby suspects that something is amiss here ?

See if ya think we look like vampires……well, maybe it’s just me that looks like the

vampire….Toby looks like the one getting attacked by the vampire.

Did I scare ya? Can’t ya just see my teeth sparkling in the light? But of course, we didn’t try the

blood dripping from the mouth” part…cause that wouldn’t be very cool, would it?

So friends, now that ya see how Vampirin is done…….

Don’t Try This At Home !!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Window Watchin and Terrier Antics

Well, here we are, me and my Mom, on our usual perch.....window watchin. Sometimes its me and Toby up here too. It is our most favorite spot in the house.....except for the upstairs bedroom window...cause that has a super view of the front of the house, the street and across the street....why you can see forever. You can see the neighbor cats, the mailman coming and other people walking their dogs. But it's the cats and other dogs walking by that really gets us riled. But then you can probably tell that from the following video.