Thursday, May 14, 2009

Teachin' Thursday

Hi all ya bloggies.....

Taday is teachin' Thursday and I was teachin Toby how ta be scary....ya know like a vampire is scary ?

So I thought I would teach 'em all the fine points of bein' real scary so that the criminal peepers would be afraid of 'em.....'n me too.....

With the economy bein' the way it is, crime is way up. More and more homes are bein' broken inta by thieves and valuables are bein' stolen.

Now, we need ta put a stop ta that. .....fer sure......

Ya all know that the first thing a thief would do if he broke inta our house is steal all our toys. Why, that would be awful.....yes siree........

So we need ta protect those toys cause they are the only valuables we have. So ya have ta learn ta be an attack monster.........why ???.... so ya can protect what's yers....

Now ya can tell that I was scarin' Toby plenty.....couldn't ya????

Those growlin' noises ya heard were comin' from me......So if an intruder is tryin' ta get inta our house, me 'n Toby can sure scare 'em away. Don't ya think so ???? And wasn't I a great teacher ???


Spring has sprung and it has been pretty colorful around here in Southwestern Pa.

So Gram took a bunch of colorful pictures of 'er flowers as they were bloomin'.

We wanted ta share that with ya taday.
Cause that teaches ya all about all the pretty colors that we have around here.

Hope ya like it.

I think I'm gonna like Teachin' about ya ????

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !!!!!!

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on Teachin' Thursday..........