Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Action Heroes for Hire

The Pittsburgh Film Office is always promotin' the area as a good place to make movies and there have been a lot of movies filmed here in recent years. Me, Mom 'n Toby thought that it would be really nice ta be film stars. I mean what is better than seein' yerself up on the big screen.

We see ourselves as action heroes 'n so we've been practicin' being the best heroes we can be. We do that so we can get a job in the film industry. And then we wanna make enough money ta buy ourselves all the squeak toys we can destroy in a week. And that's a lot....I tell ya....'cause we rip 'em up in a few minutes.

We put together a portfolio of some of our best acting scenes. See if ya think any of these will help us.

There are many different kinds of monsters that can invade yer territory and so we tried to recreate a lot of scenes that show our best sides so that we can get hired.

1. In the first scene, me and Mom are attackin' a pipe that surely must have vermin inside. Ya sure don't want vermin ta get yer loved ones and we made sure of that.

Now I'm not sure if all the noise that Mom makes detracts from the quality of the scene or not. What do ya think?

2. Toby thinks he could be a leading man and so he was tryin' ta show that he could take care of the big black snake that invaded the side of the cottage and was causin' him a lot of concern. So this scene features Toby the leading man.

Do ya think Toby can get the job?

3. There is this giant pipe in our yard at the cottage. It is really fer draining the water from the driveway gutter into the yard. But we all got it into our heads that the thing was a monster and we needed ta take care of it. So in this scene we are takin' care of the big black monster, yard invader.

If ya notice, me 'n Toby were not barkin' siree....we just got right down ta business....attackin' that monster....that's my Mom that's makin' all the noise. She's always barkin'. Anyway, we are sure glad that the monster was taken care of and that Gram and Pap are safe from it.

I keep seein' meself, Dewey Dewster, in the film "The Thin Man Returns" and Mom wants ta star in "Bringing Up Baby Asta Marie" and Toby thinks of himself as playin' the lead in "The Awful Truth About Terriers".

So ya think we can get a job as action heroes? Ya let us all know now, ya hear?

Dewey Dewster reportin' from The Pittsburgh Film Office.......