Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Are We Headed ????

Ya always think yer gonna have a good day when ya wake up in the morning. Ya always think yer gonna have a good meal 'n lots of playtime 'n unconditional love and affection. Ya think of comfort and warmth when it's cold in the winter and cool water and cool air when it's hot in the summer.

Ya think yer world is the only one around and ya don't venture too far outta yer comfort zone. Yer life is great and yer not worried about where yer next doggie biscuit is comin' from or yer next bowl of ice cream.... Then the black clouds roll in like they did around here again tonight. We had another storm where the thunder roared and the lightening streaked across the sky. And the rains fell...... The rains didn't bother us at all, cause it cooled things off a bit and the tomato plants got some free water and so did the pepper plants and Gram's flowers.

But the black clouds are causin' a lot of trouble in the stock market. The Dow dropped more than 358 points today and the price of a barrel of oil closed a fraction under $140 for the first time ever. The thunder and lightening from that storm will be felt around the world....

These black clouds are causin' people all around the world ta wonder if they can buy food tomorrow with the risin' prices. People are losin' their homes left 'n right and some of 'em can't afford ta buy gasoline fer their cars ta get ta work. If things keep goin' on like this, many will not be able to heat their homes this winter. Ya can bet that crime is gonna rise like the Phoenix from the ashes as people try ta get the basic necessities ta survive...... Do ya think that the do-nothings in Congress in Washington can get off their duffs long enough ta stick their heads out the door ta see whats what? They can't seem ta see the clouds at all. All they seem ta see is the sun shine.

Now ya might be wonderin' how Dewey Dewster knows about the workings of the world...'n the sufferin' goin' on...'n the fact that there is a U.S. Congress in Washington at all.....

Hey, ya might be wonderin' how Dewey Dewster knows that there even is a Washington, D.C. in this country. Well, Dewey Dewster has been talkin' 'n listenin' ta his Gram since he was born and if he didn't pick up somethin' after all that listenin', he would be pretty stupid indeed.

If the U.S. Congress continues ta debate and fight about who's at fault here, those black clouds are never gonna go away........

Ya all better take shelter from the rain.......

Dewey Dewster reportin' on where we're goin'....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We Got it !!!! We got it !!!! The Ratitude !!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Dewey usually does the posts but he is resting up after a very tiring weekend and I am at the keyboard for a change.......

I guess my little boy child, Dewey, told you that we were really hoping for our own EarthDog tunnel. And what did we get? Nothing, but a new retaining wall. I was really bummed out over it all. I mean we were thinking we could practice our earthdog skills more often and even more important than that, “Get Those Rats!”

Sunday morning I was really down…I didn’t even want to get out of bed….I could hardly lift my head off the pillow….and when my Mom called me, I just rolled my eyes and looked sad and kept resting.
( if you click on any of the pictures, you can see a larger version)
Everyone got up for breakfast but me…..oh; I did come downstairs…but not all the way. I lay on the steps and sulked some more. I mean, I felt really bad…like my whole world just fell apart….oh woe is me….woe is me…..I know Dewey used that a while back but if it works well why can’t I use it again?
Now Mom and Dad never said we were going anywhere special but they got the car ready and put us all in. I love to go for a car ride no matter where we are going so I was excited just for that.

But we ended up at the WPA EarthDog Club’s practice field, Woodside, in Donegal, Pa again…….and I got excited. Now if you remember the last time, my little boy child left me standing in the dust because he went in the Junior EarthDog tunnel (at least halfway) and I wouldn’t go in at all. Oh, I wanted the rats OK but I think it was all the mud and the thought that Mom would be mad if I got dirty that kept me out.

Well, I was watching all the other dogs go in and I saw those rats in the cage again and I knew I had to try and try I did.

This is what earthdogs looks like after they get all muddy in the tunnel. And there was a bunch of mud there again this time. We both went in the Junior EarthDog tunnel this time all the way. I mean those rats were toast because we worked them and worked them good.

Here's me...doesn't that mud just look delicious?

And my little boy child Dewey...doesn't he look happy?

Mom and Dad didn’t get any other pictures there because they were busy working with us in the tunnels and the mud was everywhere. We had to ride home in the car all muddy and when we got home, Mom and Dad got out the pool to help us get some of the mud off.

I kind of liked the feel of that mud on my face and legs, but the pool is a lot of fun.

I just love the water and just love playing ball and that’s what we did. Here’s some tandem ball playing…just me and Dewey.
But of course, Dewey always has to be a ball hog and there he is in the pool showing off.

All in all it was a great day. We got some Ratitude, a dip in the pool and we played some ball. What more can you ask for? Life is good!!!!! And even though we didn't get our own tunnel, we got to practice earthdog anyway. And we are going back again next month and in August to practice again. The test is in August too and if we keep performing well, we will take the test. We are really getting excited thinking that we may actually be real earthdogs.

So, how was your day?

Asta Marie, WFT