Monday, October 22, 2012

Hypnotoy- The Toy of Joy

Hi ya Bloggies,

I say Yea and Hip Hip Horray !
Cause we've been waitin' fer this day.
And I Dewey Dewster am here ta say,
That I am very proud ta display......
 It's here !

It's here !

It's finally here !

This toy is now available on The App Store and it was created by Grouchy Gremlins.

Who are the Grouchy Gremlins ? Well I ,Dewey Dewster will tell ya....

Cameo: He is the one that uses those 0s and 1s and equations that make my head hurt ta create the dances that ya can see in the Hypnotoy. He's a genius in a Gremlin disguise.....don't let those pointy ears fool ya....although he does look a bit grouchy.

Mercury: Now Mercury is the best graphic artist that ya can find. Why she can draw anythin'....even me. See that clock on my sidebar? Not the round blue one....scroll down a bit....look fer the handsome one. Mercury drew that and Cameo made it work. And who is that handsome devil whose picture is on that clock.? Why That's Dewey, handsome, distinguished and all terrier.

Oorvi: She's the middle Gremlin. Yep, my friend, Oorvi. Oorvi is the management Guru behind the Gremlin Team and she is also a Gremlin too. If ya don't keep the team motivated, ya can't get anythin' done.....

Gordie: He's a wise but somewhat crabby owl and ya can see him if ya visit the back room of The Hypnotoy.

Nifty: Yep, Nifty is a mouse that lives in the back room and pops out now and again ta remind ya that Gordie is crabby. I must point out here that she is also a vermin but I won't chase 'er....I promise.

So ya might ask what is Hypnotoy all about....

Ya can click on the Hypnotoy icon above ta go right ta the App Store or ya can click Here.
I bet ya can find a lot of other places ta click too.....see if ya can find 'em....

With Hypnotoy, ya can enjoy more than 100 different experiences of beautiful artistic graphics doin' a choreographed dance. Ya can change the style of the dance with a tap and ya can change the experience with a swipe.

Well, here are the Gremlins with a sample of some of the graphics ya can enjoy.
The iPad

So if ya have a iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, ya can visit the App Store in the game section and purchase the Hypnotoy ta calm ya on those tension filled days and entertain ya on those long nights.
Do ya have an iPhone ?'s how it looks on the iPhone.....

And just look at those beautiful graphics.....


 Ain't they just the prettiest graphics ya ever saw? Like fine jewelry........

Remember that....Hypnotoy..... when yer lookin' fer somethin' special fer that special person who might just be YOU !
This is Dewey Dewster here reportin' on a swell new toy- Hypnotoy- now available on The App Store under Games.
How was that report?