Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well, here I am again.....

Hi Bloggies,

I tell ya that when ya are havin' fun, time certainly does fly. Here it is the middle of July and I haven't posted fer a long time. But I just want ya all ta know that I, Dewey Dewster, am still alive and well and guarding our little corner of the world.

Ya just never know if a robber or even worse, a vermin, will venture inta our yard or dare ta come inta our HOUSE. If they even TRY, I am ready fer 'em. Yes siree !!!

Update on My MOM
Well, in case ya fergot, last October and November, my Mom had 2 surgeries ta remove a cancerous tumor from 'er right hind leg. It was a fibrosarcoma, and the surgeon said that it would come back with a vengeance unless my Gram took my Mom fer many radiation treatments.
But Gram felt that at the age of 11, my Mom would not be able ta take all of those treatments (maybe 20 to 25 treatments) with a general anesthetic each time so she decided ta try a more natural approach. Gram found the Dr. Budwig Cancer Diet 'n she has been givin' my Mom the protocol from it now fer 8 months now.... along with some vitamins and supplements and good foods like Broccoli, a cancer fighting veggie. Yep, ya may snub yer nose up at broccoli but the 3 of us, we just love it. Gram loves it too.
Well, here ya can see yer yerself how my Mom looks taday.
What ? Ya say? Ya can't see my Mom?
Well, that sure is her just curled up in that little tub of water. She loves ta do that after we get hot playin' a game of ball. That is how she cools off.

Maybe ya can see 'er a little bit better here as she came up fer a bit of air.
We actually do have a bigger pool but Gram loves ta see Mom get into those little tubs.
Funny, ain't it?

See, here we are in our bigger pool.
There was a sprinkler on and we wanted ta get the falling water.
We sure love bein' up at the cottage but it has been a really hot few days here.
The weather all over has been hot as Hates, but we think relief is comin' this weekend.

See, My Mom looks pretty healthy, doesn't she?

Toby tried ta jump up ta heaven ta get that falling water.
This sure is a great way ta get cool on a hot day....and that well water is ice cold too.
Refreshin' I say..... absolutely refreshin' !!!!


A Special little visitor
Gram 'n Pap went up ta Erie, Pa. one day when we were up here at the cottage ta visit a friend who had moved inta a new neighborhood. This little guy was layin' out on their patio while Gram 'n Pap were there.

He's hidin' beside the grill and maybe he thinks that no one can see 'em......silly guy !

Here's a close up picture of the little fellow who seems ta have had a bit of an accident on the concrete. Guess he isn't house broken or patio broken either.
 But he sure was cute and looked so docile just restin' there. There have been 2 fawns in their neighborhood lately and they are just makin' everyone smile a lot when they see 'em.

Well, it sure has been nice ta visit with ya again but I really have ta get back ta work. I think I heard a noise out front and I want ta make sure both Gram 'n Pap are safe.

The job of a wire fox terrier is NEVER DONE !
It is an Important job and I do it well !

This is Dewey Dewster sayin'  "Hi" ta all the bloggers out in the world. Keep safe and healthy and if yer Mom gives it ta ya, remember ta always eat yer Broccoli !