Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall 'n All......Ya gotta love the scenery......

Hi ya bloggies,
I tell ya here it is nearly the end of October and  the weather is gettin' cooler. The leaves have changed colors....that is the leaves that haven't already fallen off the trees. This summer was so hot and dry that this hasn't been a very colorful fall at all.

But we headed up ta the cottage fer a little fall escape and Gram did get a few good pictures that will help us remember the fall of 2010. First our road.......not as pretty as last year but nothin' ta scoff at either......

Our road, Colorado Road outside of Titusville, Pa
We head down and up and then down Henderson Hollow Road ta get ta our place.....I say up and down cause it is down a hill and then up another one...then down another one....Pennsylvania is full of hills.
Our neighbor's house on Henderson Hollow Road

 We like ta visit Grandma Judy when we are here 'n when Pap went over there he got attacked by 3 wild wire fox terriers that live at Grandma Judy's house.
Meet Jewels, Goober and Shaun C...... Ya can tell how scared Pap was when they attacked 'em.
 So Gram, Pap and Grandma Judy took a trip ta Corry, Pa ta shop 'n see some fall sights too.
And when Gram was on the way over ta pick 'er up she took this picture of the side road.
Up here we are in the middle of the country and when ya travel country roads ya see strange things.
 And they saw this guy, a grouse, in the middle of the road and they had ta chase 'em off so he wouldn't get hit.
After Corry Pa.... Gram, Pap, 'n Judy drove ta Spartansberg...... Ya can only park yer buggy in this Spartansberg parkin' spot.
So I guess this buggy won't get a parkin' ticket.
Gram would have loved ta scoop up that pile of manure fer her garden but Pap wouldn't stop. There's lots ta see in Spartansberg....all ya have ta do is look around.
These geese were hangin' out on the shore of Clear Lake in Spartansberg Pa
We saw this lake one other year we stopped in's always a lovely place ta catch yer breath.
Now Gram walked right up ta these geese and they didn't move. Maybe they were lookin' fer food.

Geese by the bridge on Clear Lake Spartansberg Pa.

 'N right next ta the geese was this bridge goin' over ta the Clear Lake Lumber Company. They sure keep it nice 'n picturesque too.
This quaint bridge is on Clear Lake by the Clear Lake Lumber Company
 Don't ya just love the peaceful tranquility on Clear Lake? There were picnic groves there 'n tables ta rest at and enjoy the scenery.
Clear Lake
On the way outta Spartansberg......there was a flurry of activity. It was gettin' ta be quitin' time and this fella was rushin' ta get home .
Amish buggy
Gram has never been lucky enough ta get a good picture of the Amish cause they move so fast.  This was one lucky picture.

And the car got right behind these guys who were just clompin' along in a hurry ta get somewhere.....home maybe.....

Two  Amish buggies racin' right along.
Ya gotta just love the sight of the Amish. If ya can actually see 'em that is cause they don't like ta get photographed. Maybe Gram will get arrested fer taken pictures of 'em.

We found this pretty tree in Tionests Pa
We all took a ride ta Tionesta cause Gram wanted ta see the boat launch and lake.

Now we were gettin' pretty hot in the car and we just wanted a little fresh air.
Now that's us lookin' out the car window....we were down at the Tionesta boat launch
The wind was blowin' 'n the water looked cold and the boat launch was deserted.....except fer us.......

Deserted boat launch at Tionesta Lake
Now where were all the boats isn't even snowin' yet? But we wanted ta see the sights so we could show 'em ta ya.

Lookin' over at the Tionesta Resevoir Lake
Back home again at the cottage. Ya know at one time Gram 'n Pap could burn fall  leaves in a burn barrel  in the borough we live in outside of Pittsburgh. But that practice ended years ago. We can still burn up at the cottage 'n so we enjoy it whenever we can.
When we got up taday Pap built a fire....we stay away from that so we don't get burnt.

Now I tell ya all that talkin' I'm doin' on this tour we've been taken ya on has plum wore me out. I am goin' ta rest in my bed a spell and see if I can get enough energy stored up so I can play some BALL.

Dewey's head in Dewey's bed

It sure has been great ta have ya along fer our Fall tour........we have a lot more pictures 'n maybe we can show 'em ta ya later...........
Ya all wake me up before dinner.....will ya?

I'm gonna keep my eyes open a crack ta make sure I don't miss dinner....I may be tired but I'm not stupid......

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on Fall splendor, the elusive Amish, and pretty wildlife.......over 'n out........