Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Dare You All- Dewey Style

Hello Ta All This Mighty Fine Day......

While we didn't see this challenge on Karl of the Cat Realm blog, we saw it on Asta's blog. Carl dared all of us to 'Get Involved' and come up with a Dare of our own!

Here he is, our winner: Mr. Chen dares you all to come up with one creative, fun, useful way to save the environmentand put a picture of yourself doing it on your blog!

We Dare You All to accept this challenge!

Gee, it's hard ta come up with only one way ya can help save the environment. We have a bunch of 'em that we do here and while we can't share ALL of them with ya cause ya would get bored lookin' at 'em all, we thought we'd share a few of 'em with ya.

It's gettin' ta be the end of summer around here and so it's time ta do yard work 'n clean things up a bit. Gram dug up dwarf iris and purple coneflower plants ta share with some of our friends up at the cottage who love ta plant things that the butterflies, bees and hummingbirds love.

She also loves ta multiply plants. Did ya know that if ya trimmed yer Euonymus bush that ya could just peel back a bit of the stem and stick it in the ground and it would grow inta another plant? Here are a few that Gram did a year or so ago...they are ready ta go ta a new home.
Brother Scott wanted some ivy fer his backyard and we have it growin' all over our hill. Gram has some baby ones started fer Scott.

Since we were cleanin' up...there were a bunch of dead flowers hangin' around the purple coneflower plants. Gram cut the seed heads off ta save 'em fer plantin' next Spring.

And she did the same fer the Black Eye Susans that were all dried up. These are ready ta be shook inta a bag and then saved fer next year or shared with other flower lovers.

While our tomato plants look just about dead, these peppers are still going strong and will produce lots more peppers fer both us and the neighbors ta cook with.

These are Rose Of Sharon trees that Gram is going ta dig up from the corner of our veggie garden and give ta Judy at the cottage. Hummingbirds love ta dip their beaks inta the flowers this tree grows.
Oh, here's our recycle bin where we put plastic and glass containers inta have the recycler pick 'em up. Yesterday was recycle day so we don't have many things in there yet fer next time.

Gram and Pap save aluminum cans ta take ta the scrap yard cause ya get money fer 'em when ya do take 'em...... 'n that saves us from makin' all new aluminum.

Oh, can ya imagine that someone threw out this alunimum gas grill fer the garbage? Yep, Pap saw it and picked it up ta be recycled down ta the scrap yard with the aluminum cans.

Oh, now here's our doggie door. It's in the screen door of our sliding glass doors since we keep both the doors and windows open most of the summer fer fresh air. We sure hate it when we have ta have the air on during those hot, humid days cause then we can't go in and out when we want ta. We have ta wait fer Gram or Pap ta open the door fer us.

Oh and here's me after I just went thru the doggie door ta go out ta check on those rats stayin' in our garage....the nerve of 'em ta still be here........

Gee, here's our doggie towels hangin' on the line in the back yard dryin' ya know how wonderful fresh towels smell after they are line dried? Sheets smell even better the first time ya get inta bed 'n get a wiff of that wonderful smell.

"n there's our composter.....where we put grass clippings that we don't end up puttin' in the garden and all the dead flowers, household scraps and bush trimmings ta turn inta some of the best compost ya will ever find.

Now while we get a lot of tomatoes from our garden, this is just a fraction of what we have picked this summer. Gram blanched, skinned, cut up and froze a peck of 'em yesterday. These are just some of the ones we will share with the neighbors. There's nothin' like fresh Pennsylvania tomatoes.

Now these are just a fraction of the ways we are helpin' ta save the environment. We just love it and hope nothin' happens ta make it unsafe fer any hooman, doggie, cat, hammie or even rat ta live in.

We would love ta see how everyone else is takin' the Save The Environment Challenge and hope we get ta see lots more on other blogs. We challenge ya ta post how ya are helpin' ta save this environment that we all count on.

While we don't get ta eat the tomatoes around here, the rats get the ones that have somethin' wrong with 'em. Those buggers pick 'em up and hold 'em in their little paws and just munch away. I won't tell ya what me, Mom 'n Toby would like ta do ta the rats.....we'll save that fer another time.....


Another Award

Now Mango was kind enough ta present this terrier, Dewey Dewster, with another award and I sure want ta thank 'em fer it. It is the I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD.

Feel free to just enjoy this award or pass it along. Either way, you guys mean a lot to me. Here are the rules;

The Rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated.

I am passing this award to...




Scruffy Lacie and Babystan,

Girl, Girl Hammie,

Maggie and Mitch, and

Rudy the Bedlington Terrier

Ya all make us smile a whole lot and while that makes us gets wrinkles in the corners of our eyes....we still love ta smile.......

This is Dewey Dewster here reportin' on Savin' the Environment and awards.........

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Doggie Fun Day Report

Hello Ta All this fine day........

Well, it wasn't all that fine cause after it rained pretty much all day Friday and Saturday, it was hot and windy taday........but taday was Doggie Fun Day and we wanted ta have FUN, FUN, FUN !!!!!!!!

We were ready ta go early this mornin' and after we had all the stuff packed in the car and trailer, we left ta drive ta Butler, Pa. fer the big day.........

There were a bunch of 12 week old Bassett Hounds next ta where we set up and Gram went over ta see 'em........Cute, aren't they.......

There were rings set up fer practicin' Obedience and this doggie was in that ring with his Mom.....

Then a celebrity appeared 'n everyone went over ta see who it was....we were pretty sure it was Angelina Jolie but now we think maybe it wasn't her at all.....but she was a celebrity fer sure.....

Ya can see some of the rings they had set up there so people could try Agility, Rally, Canine Good citizen, Earthdog, and Conformation with their doggies.......

And some more of the doggie day goodies.....

People were a bit slow gettin' there and then we got busy cause we were runnin' the earthdog stuff fer all the people ta try......

Oh, this is the father of some of the puppy bassett hounds....

We had a lab puppy that wanted ta bark at the rats we had in the cage.

Labs can't get inta the tunnels cause they get too big....Earthdog is only fer small terriers and a few other breeds. But this guy was barkin' at the rats anyway...

Then one of the WPA Earthdog Club members, Donna, was there taday with her 2 Westies. She has been tryin' ta get Angel ta get interested in the rats fer earthdog fer years now. Well, taday, Angel got interested in the rats. See what ya think....

Now we all had a fun day but it was hot 'n windy so everyone is pretty tired tonight. But we think Doggie Fun Day was a big success......'n we're ready ta plan fer next year.

So how was yer Sunday ?????

This is Dewey Dewster here reportin' on Doggie Fun Day..............