Thursday, June 5, 2008

It arrived....It's here, the PACKAGE...Horray !!!!!

Wow, the day finally arrived....the brown truck came and delivered my International Goody Exchange package....was I excited.!!!!!!......They only ring the doorbell around here, leave the package and then drive away so I didn't get ta take a picture of the truck. But me 'n Pap went out ta see what they left fer me.

Yep, it was fer me alright. We took the box inside and me, Mom and Toby got into rippin' it apart. We were so happy ta see it.

We're movin' so fast the pictures all came out blurry but ya can tell we were really into gettin' in that box.

Gram 'n Pap had ta really work hard ta get the stuff away from us so ya could all see what was inside before we tore into it. A stuffie with an extra squeaker, 2 goody type balls ('n sturdy cause we chew 'em up) 3 bully sticks (guess I have ta share with Mom 'n Toby) 'n 2 bags of a treasure chest fer sure.... I grabbed the stuffie 'n took off runnin' ....
I squeaked him 'n squeaked him like crazy.....

Then Gram put some goodies in the ball 'n I wanted the ball instead......
Can ya tell how happy I am ?

Then there is the everlasting goodie ball.....'n I had ta have it too....

I figured if I went outside with the stuffie, no one else could see it.
Gram says I was bad cause I didn't want ta share with Mom 'n Toby...but I tell ya the box was addressed ta me....I saw name, Dewey, on the front. Well, maybe I'll give Toby 'n Mom one of the bully sticks.....'n a ball after I rip it up some......

Gee Thanks, Toffee....ya sure are swell ta send all that stuff ta our house....yes siree.....ya sure are.... what a Pal ya are, Toffee, OMD......

Dewey Dewster here....tired from playin' but happy........

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mailin' Abby's Package

Wow, today's the day we mail Abby's package fer the International Goodie Exchange 'n I was excited from the time I woke up this mornin' til we had the box all ready ta mail. So, Pap took me out ta look fer our mailman, Tom, who we know real well. His truck was parked across the street and I went over ta see if I could find 'em. I looked at the front of the truck.........

'N I looked at the back of the truck........Where was Tom? I couldn't see 'em anywhere....he musta been out deliverin' the mail ta all the houses around here. Didn't he know we had a special delivery package fer Abby ta mail?

So we got in the car 'n drove down ta the West View Post Office. I was really anxious ta get the box in the mail ta Abby 'cause I knew she'd be happy ta get it and excited too........

So me 'n Pap went in ta get the box mailed.

He figured he better pick me up 'cause they really don't allow doggies in the post office.

I told the postman at the counter that we was takin' part in the International Goodie Exchange 'n we needed ta get Abby's package mailed pronto. We sent it priority mail so she'd get it by Friday. When we told him we were sendin' the box ta a Doggie in New York 'n we were documentin' the mailin' fer our blog, he said we were nuts.....can ya imagine? Think we need ta mail 'em info about "Dogs With Blogs" so he'll understand?

Now there was this nice gentleman at the post office 'n he stopped ta pet me 'n tell me what a nice doggie I was ta sent a package off ta New York.
So Abby, look out fer yer package ta come via the local postman in the nice red, white 'n blue mail truck. 'N we hope yer postman is as nce as ours is so he brings it right ta ya pronto.......

Dewey Dewster here reportin' from the USPS in West View, Pa.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Butler County Kennel Club Dog Show

Hello Everyone in Blogland,

Last Saturday, before we went ta the cottage, we visited a dog show at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds near New Castle, Pa. We've been to this show before and sadly this year there were not many wire fox terriers but there were 4 Lakeland terriers, so Gram wanted ta go and see what they looked like.
Not like Toby looks...I tell ya!

But once we got there Gram and Pap put us in the ex-pen so they didn't have ta hold our leads all the time. And then they could go in Altha's motorhome and visit a spell. We were happy just ta be there...cause there is pee mail everywhere when ya go ta an outdoor dog show. It's sniffin' maniac time, I tell ya.

Check out Toby above and then look at the Lakie in the show......big difference...but hey, we love 'em anyway. Gram got some pointers on how ta improve on his looks some.Now that's one of the Butterfield Airedales...we saw them at the Pittsburgh Show..pretty huh?
And Gram always gets a kick outta the expression on the face of the Bull Terriers. They always look like they're smilin'. Did ya remember seein' General Patton with one in the movie "Patton"?
And this was the terrier line-up...the Sealyham Terrier right next ta the Wire Fox terrier won the terrier group that day. Now those dogs are pretty rare today and the one breeder we talked ta a while back said she thought they might become extinct. Hope not, cause they're really cute.
Now this Great Dane is so big, it looks like the girl in the ring could climb right up on it. Ride 'em cowboy!!!!
And this was the big dog line up...ain't they spectacular?

Now, while we were waitin' fer the Best in Show competition ta end, we got ta meet a Burmese Mountain Dog. He was a mite intimidatin' cause he was so big 'n we're so little. But we went right up to check him out and make sure he was real 'n all.

He was a really nice fella and he let us go up 'n sniff him. Ain't he pretty?

Well, here we are back in the Ex-Pen with a little shade cover over it so we don't get sun burned. As usual Toby is smilin'.....cause he had a really good time....he just loved seein' all the dogs and all the people...and he hopes we come back again next year. We probably will.....

See ya all later. And we hope that ya all are well and enjoyin' some really nice weather.

Wiry licks,

Dewey Dewster, dog show reporter here.....