Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Window Watchin', Holidays and Candy Makin'

Hi Ya !!!!

Here I am on my throne lookin' down on all my subjects. But I just wanted ta share some of what has been goin' on around here the past week.

We love ta get up on Gram's cedar chest ta look out the bedroom window. Ya can see so much when yer so high up lookin' down ta the front street. There's my Mom checkin' out ta make sure there are no intruders about ta come in.

She's very intense when she's checkin' out the world below.

Now, from this perch, we can see the side alley. Ya know, people try ta come up that alley and get onta the front street. And me 'n Toby have ta tell 'em that we don't want 'em ta do that.

Sometimes my Mom gets cold and Gram covers 'er up so she's nice and cozy. She also likes ta use the people pillows fer her head. Doesn't she look comfy ???
Now here's baby Parker on Thanksgivin' Day. It was a bit cold that day and he was all bundled up in his Winter hat and coat. It looks ta me like he can't move at all with all those clothes on.
And here's what the diningroom table looked like on Thanksgivin' before all the guests sat down ta eat. Gram didn't take a picture once everyone was seated cause she was too busy gettin' things delivered ta the table. There were 9 of us eatin' here on Thanksgivin'.
Now that the Thanksgivin' crowd is gone, Gram had started makin' her Christmas candy. Here's some of what she had finished the other day. Chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, turtles, raisin clusters and peanut clusters and chocolate covered Oreos. Gram made additional varieties last night and has a few more ta make before it's all done.
Once all the candy is done, Gram makes up candy boxes fer all the people who look forward ta it every year. She always says it takes longer ta put together the boxes than it does ta make the candy. And now ya can't see the tablecloth anymore on the diningroom table cause the table is full of the chocolate candy. Good thing no one wants ta eat there again til Christmas.

Can ya believe we never get ta taste any of that chocolate ? None, nada.....no fair, I say......how can chocolate not be good fer doggies but be good fer the hoomans ????

Well, that's all fer now guys. We sure had a great week......hope yers was good too....

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on our week in review........