Friday, March 21, 2008

Let's Talk About Art..........

My Mom bought an egg on the website eBay
And I just wanted to share it with you all today.

See the wiry fox terrier full of such fun.
I know you will think he's a real special one.

Do you see the foxy, just lookin at you?

Where there was one, now there are two.

My Mom thought two terriers were cute as can be,

When “The Terrier Two” became “The Terrier Three.”

Now we were admiring and not keeping score,

When the terrier three had a terrier four.

And to our amazement, “Great Foxies Alive!”

Those four little foxies gave up number five.

They’re all nesting eggs and aren’t they just sweet.
Five foxies , five sizes, five faces to meet.

We enjoyed each expression and then they were done.
They all nested again and then there was one.


These eggs are real special to my Mom and me
And the author’s not Dewey, it’s Asta Marie.

Now wasn't that much more refined than anything Dewey posts?

This is Lady Asta Marie Foxwire reporting for the Wire Fox Terrier Network, WWFT, from Pittsburgh, Pa. Back to you...........

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting to Know You.......

Hi Friends,
We wanted everyone to get to know us a little better and so we thought we could share some video of us and our neighborhood. You know sort of like Mr. Rogers would have done in his neighborhood. So Gram tried to get some good video but all the best laid plans......we have some video.....not exactly what we wanted. But you can get an idea of how we live and see a bit of our neighborhood.

Now, we also need a little help here. Ya see, Toby is just a puppy still, being not quite 7 months old. And he hasn’t figured out what a walk is really for yet. He gets so excited on his lead; he just acts like a nut. Why, he doesn’t smell the pee mail on the street and even worse he doesn’t leave any pee mail on the street. I mean, what are walks really for?

So maybe someone can help us out here and tell us what we can do to get Toby to really appreciate the walks we take and the pee mail that everyone else leaves for us to find. Can anyone give us any suggestions? We would really appreciate any help we can get.

If you watch closely in this video, you will see a new friend depositing some pee mail for us to find. We didn’t even sniff it though, because we were more interested in meeting the guy. But we’ll find it the next time we take a walk. Oh boy, the delicious aroma of pee mail !!!!!

Enjoy the show and please submit any suggestions ya have for "gettin Toby with the program" in comments. The video may take a while to load, so please be patient.

We also were given an huge honor today by Koobuss of Mountain Top.....we got our first award...which we will proudly display for all to see..... Thanks Koobuss, we love ya.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Terrific Triple Tuggin Terriers

Tuggin is a lot of fun. My Mom really doesn’t want to tug much with me lately, even though she spent a lot of time teaching me how to tug in the first place. See Toby and me tug while my Mom watches?

Now that Toby has joined us, I get to tug a lot more. A little while ago, Koobuss sent us all some really swell toys and the bunny ring makes an especially great tug toy. Sometimes now even my Mom wants to tug with us.

Look at us go!!!!! Ya gotta get a really good hold on the thing to make sure you can maneuver around. Of course, ya need to growl the whole time too. I know ya can’t hear us, but believe me we are really growling. Grrrrrr, grrrrrr, grrrrr

If you do this right, no one looses their grip on the toy and you can move around the room growling and tuggin the whole way. Now that's Tuggin 101. Great fun!!!!

Of course, all that work gets you really tired and you have to rest a spell. That gets you ready for the next big tug. Neat, huh? Later, guys……zzzzzzzzzzzz