Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving ta ya all and a recipe fer Fall !

Hi ya Bloggies,

Well, I am again and it hasn't even been that long since my last post. But then somethin' special is comin' up and that is Thanksgiving.
We wish ya all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Chanukah too.
We hope that ya are surrounded by family and friends this holiday and that ya all have somethin' ta give thanks fer.
We are pretty lucky and thankful this year cause my Mom is still with us and still not showin' any sign of that big bad cancer comin' back again.
And Gram is makin' a huge turkey tomorrow and we know that if we hang around at just the right time, we will be lucky enough ta get some.

Here I am tryin' ta stay outta the way so I don't get my picture ya can see I was not very successful.
I try guys.....I sure do try.....
Well, I talked Gram inta sharin' a special recipe with ya.
Yep, she makes a dynamite peanut brittle from a recipe that she got from a very good friend several years ago.
So if ya like Peanut Brittle and ya like ta make homemade stuff here is the recipe.
What you will need:
Peanut Brittle
2 cups of sugar
1 cup karo or lite corn syrup
1/2 cup of water
1 cup of butter
2 cups of peanuts
1 tsp. baking soda (last ingredient after cooking)
A candy thermometer
A 3 quart saucepan
Melt the butter in a 3 quart saucepan.
Add the sugar, karo or corn syrup and water and cook while stirring.
Place the candy thermometer on the side of the pan but be careful that it doesn't rest on the bottom of the pan as it can possibly give you a false temperature reading.
At first the mixture is a pale color and it boils with a sort of froth. Keep stirring.
Cook until the temperature reaches 280 degrees.
Then add the 2 cups of peanuts.
Continue cooking.

You can see that the mixture is beginning to caramelize.
Continue to heat and stir until the temperature reaches 305 degrees.
Once the temperature reads 305 degrees, remove the mixture from the heat and quickly stir in the teaspoon of baking soda.
The caramelized mixture will fluff up as the baking soda works.
Pour the mixture onto 2 very lightly greased cookie sheets.
Your peanut brittle will pretty much spread out on it's own and allow it to cool completely before breaking it into pieces.
And there is your peanut brittle ready to package up as gifts or store in a container for later.
Gram made this taday and I can't wait ta try some......
We also had a visitor the other day....before it got so cold that my paws freeze when I go out.
 This guy had the nerve ta be on our wall......actin' like he owns the place.....
I was outraged!
He got kinda testy when ya got near him......OK Mr. Praying Mantis, scram....
I hope that he has moved on cause he will scare all of the other doggies
away and then I won't get ta bark at 'em.
Now ya may know that this is still November and that means that Winter has not arrived yet.
Tell that ta Mother Nature...
We didn't get as much of that WHITE STUFF as some other parts of Pennsylvania and other states but this is what it looked like out our window yesterday.
WHITE STUFF everywhere !
So now that ya know what has been goin' on in my world.
How about ya tellin' me what has been goin' on in your world......
In the meantime, I need ta rip apart this has been whole fer waaaayyyy too long...
From our house to your house, we bid you good day.
And we hope that your family will visit, not stay.
As you gather round that table of food and good wine.
Ya can covet yer turkey, but don't covet MINE !

Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah ta ya all!

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on Thanksgiving 2013 and a special recipe fer ya all......
 Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah everyone !

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dewey Dewster ...Catchin' Up and Announcin' Somethin' New in the App Store !

Hi ya Bloggies,
I tell ya that I really need ta get a handle on this blog.
I can hardly believe that it has been so long since I made a post.
That is what happens when ya are way to busy bossin' everyone around.

I spend a good deal of my day surveyin' my world ta make sure that no vermin.....
or uninvited people are invadin' my territory.
That is a fulltime job, I tell ya....a fulltime job.

But I really try ta keep everything safe fer the peepers.....
cause I need them ta feed us since we still haven't figured out how ta do it ourselves.
But we are workin' on that.....
so stay tuned for further developments in our quest to become independent.

Now ya may be wonderin' about my Mom too.
See 'er ?
There she is and she is still doing fine with no evidence
of any regrowth of that big bad tumor that she had.

It has been more than a year now since Gram found that nasty lump
 in her right hind leg
and more than a year since the first surgery that my Mom had ta remove it.

That first surgery did not get it all and a second surgery was necessary but that one.....performed by a board certified surgeon at the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center ......was the surgery that removed all of that bad stuff in my Mom's leg.
But Gram was told that unless Mom had 20 to 25 radiation treatments that tumor would come back again with a vengeance since the margins were not good.
But Gram found the Dr. Budwig Cancer Diet (which is really fer peepers) and another site ( Testimonials of Dog and Cat Cancer Healed ) showing how that diet has been adapted ta treat pets fer the same problems.
So my Mom has been gettin' that Dr. Budwig protocol plus vitamins and supplements since last December and so far so good.
If ya know any peepers with cancer
or any doggies or cats with cancer check out this site.
Now on ta what kind of excitement we have been havin' lately.
There's Toby, who is always waggin' that silly tail of his and smilin' too.

He likes ta play with toys.....he REALLY likes ta play with toys.
He likes ta roll on the carpet and play a lot by himself.
As soon as I go outside, he grabs a toy and wants Gram 'n Pap ta play with him.

That is probably 'cause when I am in the house, I control the toys !
And that is the way it should be.
But I guess that isn't too excitin' it ????

Hear Ye.... Hear Ye..... Hear Ye
Bigsaw - Go Beyond Jigsaw
 is now available in the App Store
(Click on the Icon above ta read more about it)
Bigsaw Designer - Go Beyond Jigsaw: An Innovative Tap-based Picture-Puzzle App with ability to Create, Save, and Manage your puzzle-collections as albums.
Ya can play with puzzles in the albums that are built in this App.
Ya can create yer own albums with yer own pictures ta make inta jigsaw puzzles
 and save them forever, if ya want ta.
If ya have an iPad, follow this link ta download yer own copy taday. I can tell ya that ya may see some familiar faces in the puzzles in this game.....some pretty handsome faces....fer sure.
Well, may all of you Bloggies have a really great day and if I ferget ta post again fer such a long time, shoot me a peemail reminder ta get off of my perch and get back ta writin'.
This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on what I have been doin', how my Mom is, and a really great new iPad App called Bigsaw..........

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well, here I am again.....

Hi Bloggies,

I tell ya that when ya are havin' fun, time certainly does fly. Here it is the middle of July and I haven't posted fer a long time. But I just want ya all ta know that I, Dewey Dewster, am still alive and well and guarding our little corner of the world.

Ya just never know if a robber or even worse, a vermin, will venture inta our yard or dare ta come inta our HOUSE. If they even TRY, I am ready fer 'em. Yes siree !!!

Update on My MOM
Well, in case ya fergot, last October and November, my Mom had 2 surgeries ta remove a cancerous tumor from 'er right hind leg. It was a fibrosarcoma, and the surgeon said that it would come back with a vengeance unless my Gram took my Mom fer many radiation treatments.
But Gram felt that at the age of 11, my Mom would not be able ta take all of those treatments (maybe 20 to 25 treatments) with a general anesthetic each time so she decided ta try a more natural approach. Gram found the Dr. Budwig Cancer Diet 'n she has been givin' my Mom the protocol from it now fer 8 months now.... along with some vitamins and supplements and good foods like Broccoli, a cancer fighting veggie. Yep, ya may snub yer nose up at broccoli but the 3 of us, we just love it. Gram loves it too.
Well, here ya can see yer yerself how my Mom looks taday.
What ? Ya say? Ya can't see my Mom?
Well, that sure is her just curled up in that little tub of water. She loves ta do that after we get hot playin' a game of ball. That is how she cools off.

Maybe ya can see 'er a little bit better here as she came up fer a bit of air.
We actually do have a bigger pool but Gram loves ta see Mom get into those little tubs.
Funny, ain't it?

See, here we are in our bigger pool.
There was a sprinkler on and we wanted ta get the falling water.
We sure love bein' up at the cottage but it has been a really hot few days here.
The weather all over has been hot as Hates, but we think relief is comin' this weekend.

See, My Mom looks pretty healthy, doesn't she?

Toby tried ta jump up ta heaven ta get that falling water.
This sure is a great way ta get cool on a hot day....and that well water is ice cold too.
Refreshin' I say..... absolutely refreshin' !!!!


A Special little visitor
Gram 'n Pap went up ta Erie, Pa. one day when we were up here at the cottage ta visit a friend who had moved inta a new neighborhood. This little guy was layin' out on their patio while Gram 'n Pap were there.

He's hidin' beside the grill and maybe he thinks that no one can see 'em......silly guy !

Here's a close up picture of the little fellow who seems ta have had a bit of an accident on the concrete. Guess he isn't house broken or patio broken either.
 But he sure was cute and looked so docile just restin' there. There have been 2 fawns in their neighborhood lately and they are just makin' everyone smile a lot when they see 'em.

Well, it sure has been nice ta visit with ya again but I really have ta get back ta work. I think I heard a noise out front and I want ta make sure both Gram 'n Pap are safe.

The job of a wire fox terrier is NEVER DONE !
It is an Important job and I do it well !

This is Dewey Dewster sayin'  "Hi" ta all the bloggers out in the world. Keep safe and healthy and if yer Mom gives it ta ya, remember ta always eat yer Broccoli !

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We're Livin' the Good Life !!!!

Hi ya bloggies,

I tell ya that we have ta be the luckiest doggies in the world cause here we are still enjoyin' beautiful sunny weather and gettin' walkies up the kazoot every day.

My Mom is still doin' has been more than 4 months since her second surgery and Gram still can't feel any tumor regrowth. Hooray fer that news !!!!

Now my Mom is still supposed ta be gettin' that Dr Budwig Cancer concoction and Gram has still been given it ta her along with a ton of supplements and vitamins. Mom decided that she really didn't like the concoction, though, so Gram now puts it right on top of 'er yummy dinner and my Mom can't eat around it so she has ta eat it !!! Funny...isn't it?

Now me 'n Toby.....we just love the stuff.....the concoction, I Gram gives us some in our dinner too and we eat it right up. We also lick Mom's bowl cause she leaves some crumbs.... 'n there are doggies starvin' in the world..... 'n we don't want it ta go ta we don't let it go ta waste.

Do ya remember those silly big birds.....Sandhill Cranes.....that like ta walk right in the middle of the road? Well, we hear that they mate fer life.....'n they have babies too.... 'n here is a newly hatched set of baby Sandhill Cranes. They were peckin' around in Sandy's yard with their Mom 'n Dad.

Ya can watch 'em  grow.....above they were just fuzzy babies and right below ya can see that they are growin'.....'n growin' fast too......

 Ain't it just too cute that they stay with their Mom 'n Dad and just walk around the yard like they own it?

I really wanted ta hug 'em but Gram said "No Way!"....she was afraid that I might hug 'em way too tight........

We have had crazy weather here but not as crazy as what they've been havin' up North. But it was warm enough ta go swimmin' again....

See Mom looks  just fine swimmin' around in Lake June......

We love ta play ball in the lake....

 'N I, Dewey Dewster, love ta be the one ta get that ball......
There she is....Lake june in was windy and the water was wavy that day....

Gram got a lily bulb as a gift from a nice neighbor and she planted it. It has now started ta bloom.......ain't it beautiful?....'n it's big too......

Well, I think I will leave ya with a little glimpse of how my Mom manages Gram around here. Every night about 9:15, my Mom wants 'er cookies. Sometimes Gram fergets ta get 'em fer us. So my Mom has ta remind 'er. This is how my Mom tells Gram that she needs cookies 'n she needs 'em now....

Crabby....ain't she????? Me 'n Toby just stay outta the way....we know that when my Mom gets cookies....we get cookies. Why should we do any of the crabbin' when my Mom is so good at it?

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on my Mom's progress, our weather, the silly bird babies and me playin' ball.....over 'n out.....

Friday, February 22, 2013

Asta Marie's Big Journey

Hi Ya Bloggies,

I asked ya ta remind me ta tell ya about what my Mom, Asta Marie, has been facin' lately,

So here I am ta fill ya in.

Gram 'n Pap noticed that some of my Mom's lower front teeth were loose, so they took 'er ta the vet who cleaned them, polished 'em and pulled the loose ones. The vet said that she didn't need 'em cause dogs don't use those teeth fer anythin' That was in July of 2012.

In late September, my Mom seemed ta be havin' problems with 'er stomach. She didn't want ta eat......'er tummy was hard and distended.....she followed Gram around everywhere and she was shakin' and pantin' up a storm.

Gram 'n Pap took 'er ta the vet who took X-rays, did blood work and diagnosed "Nothin'". But they gave 'er antibiotics and pain pills and about a week later, she was her old self again.

Gram had been noticin' that my Mom's leg muscles in 'er one hind leg seemed ta be really bulgin'......but she noticed this at bedtime when she was helpin' 'er get inta bed and she didn't remember ta point it out ta Pap until one night after we had been playin' ball up ta the cottage like maniacs (now that is Gram's description of our play habits.....not mine).

Gram felt not only those bulgin' muscles that night but what appeared ta be a lump.....high up in that hind leg. Gram called the vet right up and made an appointment ta have it checked out.

The vet tried ta do a needle aspiration of the lump and he did but when he looked under the microscope, he couldn't see anythin'.

He told Gram 'n Pap that it should be operated on and that he felt it was just routine surgery for what hopefully would be a fatty tumor.

The next day, October 26, 2012, my Mom got operated on and the vet called ta tell Gram that the tumor was quite large.....both between and under her leg muscles and that it went down deep too. He removed 90% of it, he said, but when it got down to the blood vessels and the nerves in that leg, he stopped and left the rest of it.

This is what my Mom looked like after the first surgery.

The tumor was sent away for a biopsy.

Two weeks later, the results came back that it was a grade 2 Fibrosarcoma, which is a cancer, and the prognosis was not good. Remember the entire tumor had not been removed. Also my Mom had a pocket of what appeared to be fluid by the incision site which is not unusual after surgery but it did not disappear.

The vet referred Gram 'n Pap ta the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center for a consult with an Oncologist. Can ya believe that there are Oncologists fer doggies too?
Well of course there is.....cause we are even more important than the peepers.....fer sure.

Anyway Gram 'n Pap and my Mom headed down there ( this center is only about 3 miles from where we live) and the Oncologist gave them a list of options:

1. She could have radiation treatments......treatments are daily....5 days a week for 4 to 5 weeks. And every treatment requires the patient be anesthetized for each one....not a good Mom turned 11 in October.

2. They could implant chemo beads down deep where the tumor was. These beads release the chemo only to that area where it is needed. This is a new treatment and statistics were not available for how successful they are.

3. They could perform another surgery by a board certified surgeon on staff there to remove the balance of the tumor and that may be all that is necessary. Remember there was still some left down deep in the leg by the blood vessels and nerves.

Gram 'n Pap were pretty overwhelmed by all of this and decided ta do nothin' until they could decide which option was best.

They called back the following day ta make an appointment ta talk about the second surgery. It took awhile ta get that appointment but the second surgery was performed the day following the consultation with the surgeon. That was November 22, 2012.

This vet said that he got the entire tumor but that there was a lot of it there when he operated. He took part of my Mom's leg muscle to make sure that he got enough and sent the tumor away fer a biopsy ta make sure the margins were good.
'N this is what Mom looked like after the second surgery. hair on most of 'er back end and that little tuft on 'er foot. She looked silly but the incision looked much better this time. No pocket of fluid at all.

Two weeks later, my Mom had ta go back ta have her staples removed and Gram 'n Pap got the bad news. The margins were not good down by the blood vessels and nerves. The surgeon felt that radiation would be the best course of treatment.....the chemo beads were not a good idea because of how deeply they would need to go and of course they have side affects. So does the radiation.

Gram ' Pap decided ta do nothin' and asked the vet what to expect. He said that the tumor would likely be back with a vengeance within a month. And it would grow and grow until it ruptured....or just got too big.....they would have to make a difficult decision.

Gram told him they used to give my Mom her rabies shots in that same leg. She was goin' to try to beef up my Mom's immune system and see if that helped her fight the cancer. The veterinary surgeon did not think that would help at all.

Gram searched the Internet to see what Fibrosarcoma was all about and looked for any holistic treatments for cancer. She found several sites that seemed to offer some hope. After all, my Mom, is Gram's only little girl and she really did not want ta say goodbye this soon.

She found a treatment called The Doctor Budwig's Cancer Treatment. This treatment is really fer the Peepers but some people adapted it ta doggies and had success with it. So Gram went out and bought the cottage cheese and flax oil fer the protocol that is a the cornerstone of the diet. She also bought a lot of dietary supplements and vitamins ta help boost my Mom's immune system. After all, what did she have ta lose?

Ya know ya can only believe so much of what ya read on the Internet but there are a lot of testimonials out there of doggies that were helped by this protocol.

So Gram started mixin' the protocol:
  1. A 24 oz. container of low fat cottage cheese.
  2. 10 tablespoons of Organic cold pressed flax oil.
  3. Mix in blender or food processor until as smooth as yogurt, refrigerate 
  4. Give 2 tablespoons twice a day.
Gram did that for several weeks.....twice a day. Ya have ta be careful with this mixture cause it is high in fat and can cause ya ta have Pancreatitis . Gram only gives it once a day now and usually puts in an acidophilus pill broken up. She has had good luck with that and also sprinklin' digestive enzymes on Mom's dinner.

She also gives my Mom
  1. Turmeric, although not every day
  2. Vitamin B-12
  3. Echinacea Golden Seal Complex
  4. Vitamin E
  5. Garlic pills
  6. Ground flax seeds
  7. Fish Oil
  8. Broccoli and cauliflower, on occasion (great cancer fighting veggies)
All of that stuff goes inta the supper we get. Gram gives me 'n Toby some too so that we stay healthy.
Don't I look healthy? I was restin' after a hard day of watchin' out fer vermin. It really is a hard job but I do it well.
See here's my Mom lookin' pretty healthy and even smilin' a bit. She really hates ta have 'er picture taken but fer some reason she smiled fer a change. The hair has grown back again but Mom's gettin' a bit fat from that protocol.
Here we are 3 months out from the second surgery.....Gram can't feel anything growing back in that right hind leg and my Mom is doin' just fine. She still gets that protocol every morning and those vitamins and supplements every night. 'N me 'n Toby get a bit too.....we like it even better than Mom does.
So we will keep ya updated on how my Mom is doin'. If yer a doggie who has health issues, ya might want ta try a bit of that protocol. While it is the cornerstone of the Dr Budwig Cancer Diet, it is also high in Omega 3s and is a great boost ta yer immune system.
I want my Mom ta be around fer a lot more time and hopefully this will help her achieve that goal.
This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on my Mom's big health scare.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back in the Sunshine State

Hi ya Bloggies,
I, Dewey Dewster, am here ta tell ya that we are back in the Sunshine State

enjoyin' the delightful weather

and we sure are happy that we are not shiverin' back home

and wadin' thru a ton of snow......cause it sure is cold back home.
I love ta relax in the patio room where it is nice and warm.
Me 'n Toby guard the perimeter of the house from our great vantage point by the window.

Ya know geckos are always tryin' ta get inta our house

and I have ta make sure that they stay out!
Big silly birds walk in the middle of the road here

and they take their good ole time movin' outta the way too!

Doggies ride around in sports cars here....

.'n they sit in the seat just like they own the car!

Ya get ta see beautiful skies and lots of water cause there are a ton of lakes in this part of Florida......

.'n one is prettier than the one ya saw before it.....

that is Lake June right after sunset.

And this is on a canal leadin' out ta Lake Istokpoga

where more than 1,000 bass over 8 pounds were caught in less than a year.

Lake Istokpoga is one of the largest lakes in South Florida.

I wanted ta eat one of those bass fer dinner but I wasn't offered any.

Ya have ta love those angry skies framed with trees draped in Spanish Moss.
There's somethin' about the air here's fresh and clean .....

Well, me 'n Toby are back on the job watchin' out fer vermin
and catchin' a few more rays of the sun.
Remind me ta tell ya about all that has been happenin' ta my Mom lately
......that's somethin' fer me ta save fer later....cause it is a LONG story.....
In the meantime.......wherever ya are........stay safe........stay warm......
'n stay dry.....cause baths are fer those who can't run 'n hide fast enough.......
This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on bein' back in Flor-ida.......bein' back on patrol......'n stayin' warm......