Monday, April 7, 2008

Restin Up........

Well, hello out there in Blogland,

Dewey Dewster here…..

This house is taking a rest from a long weekend of backyard work. The weather was so nice that we all got out and raked the old leaves, cut off dead branches and took long walks.

Mom came in and thought that she would catch up on her reading. Looks like she is interested in Wire Fox Terriers….hopefully, she isn't lookin around for another husband.

But all of that reading is really tiring and so she had to just try a little roachin'.....looks relaxed, doesn't she? Oh, I forgot to tell ya, we made sure she was decent for ya.

After all that activity, we had to just let it all hang out. Well, not everything, cause that would cause a outcry of sorts….so some things are covered up so this can be rated “G” ,suitable for all audiences.

And Here’s Toby letting it all hang out…why, he’s not even restin on the sofa….ya can tell he is still a puppy ‘cause who rests on the floor? But we really needed to censor this a bit too since it may be viewed in mixed company.….ya gotta cover up the unmentionables, ya know…….

Gee Toby, glad to see that ya finally got a bit modest.
And here’s me sort of roachin except when I see Gram with that camera, I just get a bit shy and have to shift my position some..... no peep show for me, no siree........ Well, not the Full Monty anyway…….

But here’s my favorite way to rest….I like a pillow for my head…..I mean isn’t that what pillows were made for…head restin?

See, we learn a lot from the hoomans, don’t we? Wow, it's been a LONG DAY.........

Good Night All.......... Rest up for that big Welcome Home Pawty now, will ya?