Friday, December 10, 2010

Is it Winter already....or what ?

Hi ya bloggies,

Dewey Dewster here ta tell ya what we have been doin' lately.
Well, fer one, we've been tryin' ta stay warm
cause this is what it looks like around here lately.
Ya probably don't even have ta wish fer a white Christmas....
cause this stuff isn't goin' anywhere anytime soon.

See that white stuff ?
We don't mind it so much but Gram 'n Pap hate the stuff.
They admire the first snow cause it's pretty ta look at
but when it just comes and never leaves, it gets annoyin'....really annoyin'......

We live on top of a hill and so ya can get a good view of the houses
and trees and streets below us.
Now since we can't play outside becuz of the snow,
we like ta play inside.
There's nothin' like a good game of fetch.

Sometimes we play with the ball and other times we like ta play with any toy
we can find and get Gram 'n Pap ta throw fer us.

Now why does Toby have ta play when I wanna play?
Can ya tell me please?
I always have ta show 'em whose boss......
'n that's me of course....the boss, I mean...
As if ya didn't already know that.....
After runnin' up and down those steps a hundred times,
 me 'n Toby were just plum worn out.
That 'n we thought ya might want ta see our tongues.
Pretty, aren't they?

Well, I think I caught my breath now 'n there's not much else
that we've been doin' lately cause it's really cold outside.
But I always like ta give ya some food fer thought.
So tonight I'm askin' ya if ya believe in Santa Claus ?
Ya know the jolly old guy in the red suit.....
'n a long white beard.
Do ya think he's gonna come Christmas Eve
and bring ya some
new toys....
 'n biscuits....
and maybe a chewy or two?

Me....I'm watchin' out the window fer 'em. .....
Santa Claus, that is.
If he comes I'm gonna bark 'n bark 'n bark some more.
 Then I'm checkin' the fireplace ta see if he left us anythin' special
I'm checkin' ta see if he left us anythin' at all.
Then I'm gonna play with everythin' I can.....
' Eat most of the goodies
before I wake up Mom 'n Toby.....
Cause then I'll know that I was
NICE....'n not NAUGHTY......

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on our cold weather..... 'n snow....indoor games
and waitin' fer Santa.....