Friday, May 30, 2008

Remotely Possible

Gee guys...don't ya just love technology ? We sure do...cause we are at the cottage again 'n that meant dialup service....yuck, yuck...there should be a law against it, I tell ya....a law. Anyway, that dialup service means no postin'....cause ya can't get anything done without usin' up an hour or so ta do it. So we used Blogger's new feature that let's ya set a future date fer yer post to appear. And voila', the post gets posted 'n yer not home. Neat, huh? Yeah, but it didn't work and so we have ta try and publish it remotely with this slow as molasses dialup. And of course, we keep gettin' an error sayin' Blogger could not be contacted.

Boy, I have been learnin' a lot the last few months. Makes my head really does......crammin' all that information into that little space where my brain should's gettin' mighty cramped in there.....

So here I am ta tell ya that we don't have a lot ta tell ya but we want ya ta know that we are thinkin' about ya and can't wait til we can get DSL up here.

Now, we like ta about you? Do you like ta share? We especially like ta share somethin' that belongs ta someone else. That means when Gram is eatin' ice cream....we're waitin' ta get our SHARE....and when Pap is eatin' peanuts......we're waitin' ta get our SHARE and that's what is happenin' here......Pap is about ta share some of his peanuts with us. What we're doin' is called An-tic-i-pation....and it's makin' us wait for the goodies but we know they're comin'.


Cottage Excitement

Gram had a big ball in the car for us ta play with....actually there were 3 of 'em...but we only got one so far. You have ta be pretty fast ta get us in action, I tell, fast, fast. And Gram, bein' old 'n all ain't fast enough ta catch all the action. So in the video, ya don't get ta see the BEFORE picture....ya only get ta see the AFTER.

That was the ball after me, Mom and Toby put a big hole in it....I got ta run around with it with Toby chasin' me. I run pretty fast, don't I? I love ta have fun....don't you?

We also have a lot of fun in our very own pool. Ya gotta have a pool ta wash off all the dog saliva on balls so ya can play more. For some reason Gram and Pap don't even want ta touch those slimey balls after we had 'em in our mouths for very long. Can't figure out why.......can you? And while we weren't playin' ball, we were tryin' out the pool ta make sure it is safe for the summer. You may notice that there is no lifeguard on duty.....humph........What do ya think 'bout our pool?

There's more ta come.......just wait 'n, maybe we should add these two scenes to our portfolio so we have a better chance of gettin 'hired as action heroes.....I have ta get our secretary right on that.......

We hope ya all had a really nice week. We'll be home soon so take care now.

Dewey Dewster remotely.............

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Introduction to Earthdog

Hi everyone.......

Well, after tryin' out Earthdog last fall at the Butler County Doggie Fun Day we have been a bitin' at the bit waitin' ta try it out again and fer real this time. We missed the trainin' session last month cause by the time Gram thought to have a look see about it, the whole session was full. But they have practices every month and so we drove the 58 miles last Sunday to see if we can be Earthdogs someday.

That's Cookie and she was tellin' us all about scentin' out the prey. First, we tried ta find the rats that were in while plastic pipes at the edge of the woods. There were holes in the pipes so they could breath and caps on the ends so we couldn't get to 'em. Drat, drat......get that rat!!!!!!

That's me and Mom checkin' out our new terrier friend, Slider. He's a Welsh terrier and we were happy ta meet him. He was just waitin' ta get those rats cause one bit him on the nose last time he was here and he was madder than a hornet.

That's a bunch of the members waitin' ta get to the Junior Earthdog tunnels fer their turn at gettin' the rats.
Now that is the entry to the Junior Earthdog Tunnel....looks a mite intimidatin', doesn't it?

And that's what the tunnels look like from above. They are 30 feet long with 2 ninety degree turns before ya can get ta those rats.
This little guy didn't want ta go thru the whole tunnel so Linda is puttin' him in half-way through.
That's what happened ta me. But ya know what? I'll learn....yes siree, I my Mom may be a different story....cause she wouldn't go in at all......ha, ha, ha,, Dewey Dewster, showin' up my Mom....takin' on Earthdog.....

And that's the crate of a dog with a lot of Earthdog ribbons....we are goin' ta try and get some of those fer ourselves.....yes we will. And in case yer wonderin' those are the 2 rats that were at the end of the tunnel.....problem is they are in the cage and ya can't get 'em even if ya get to ' fair, I about you?

We're goin' back next month fer the next practice.....then we'll see if my Mom can get into that tunnel. She sure wants ta get the we shall see.

Dewey Dewster reportin' on Earthdog..........