Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Does absence make the heart grow fonder?

Hi ya Bloggies,

I tell ya we have been so busy here this winter that we just have not been able ta keep up with tellin' ya what all we have been doin'. I really want ta change that but I keep gettin' bogged down by work and havin' fun.

So do ya miss us when ya don't hear from us?????
Do Ya ?
Do ya ?
Do ya?

Does our absence make yer hearts grow fonder fer more 'n more?
 See this is MY GOLF CART.........
everytime we go out if I see it,
I have ta get on it.
 I wanna drive it but my hairy little feet are unable to reach the pedal.....
but can't ya just imagine how the ladies would take notice
 if I was the one drivin' MY GOLF CART?
 I always have ta check around ta make sure no one is hangin' off MY GOLF CART
 before we go fer a ride.
The other night we went fer our usual walk but when we got outside,
MY GOLF CART was sittin' in the front yard
 'n I wanted ta go fer a ride. 
So after we came back from our walk,
Gram told Pap that we needed ta go fer a golf cart ride
and off we went down the street.
My Mom loves the golf cart too but not as much as I do cause it's mine !

Later on that night after my Mom crabs a bit, we get a special treat.
The special treat comes after we get our usual evening cookies. 
Last night we got some pretty nice chewies
 and we were all busy chewin' 'em up.
 Me with my chewey.....
 My Mom with her chewey.....
'N Toby is busy with his chewey......

So ya miss us ????

Or are ya happy when we are gone????

Either way, we miss ya and love ya all........

So have a great day and may the sun shine on yer nose !!!!

This is Dewey Dewster reportin' on MY GOLF CART, day and night and our evening chewey..............