Friday, March 14, 2008

We're Getting Packed Away

Well, my Gram has decided that there is just too much stuff laying around here anymore and she went out and bought storage containers to pack some things away. Lots of other stuff is getting given away too. Storage containers are interesting things to explore.
See Asta Marie ( my Mom) checking out the container above.

And here I am checking out the container......I needed to make sure that none of our toys were gettin packed away....ya can never have too many toys, can ya?

Do ya think my Mom can get otta here if she needs to?

Sometimes I just like lookin' I look cute enough here?

Oh well.......that's just Toby trying to make sure he gets seen by everyone. Why didn't he get in the container? Scardy cat !!!!!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Easter Bonnet Contest

To our dear friends in blogland or to anyone who may become our blogland friends in the future. We want you all to know that none of this was our idea at all. It was a contest and we didn’t want to participate but when do we get what we want anymore? So we hope that you enjoy the following show. It will not be repeated by us anytime soon. So please consider the following show our official entry for the contest.

Asta Marie, Dewey Dewster and Toby Tibet

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Special Visitor......a matter of opinion

Hello All,

Last night we had a visit from a funny looking hooman. He couldn't walk....He couldn't talk.....he didn't even sit up.... he cried......he was little....almost a little as we are.....He also made funny noises. We all had to check him out. See My Mom and Toby trying to get close to the little hooman....He smelled funny......we thought he was interested in our chew sticks....and we were happy when he left......our chew sticks were still here....

I think Gram said he was a baby....we never saw a baby before.....Isn't he funny looking? What kind of baby doesn't have much hair. My Mom, Asta, had 4 babies and we all had lots of hair....we could walk and we could talk, well bark anyway.....I would take this one back....he's defective.....don't you think so?

Dewey Dewster here......Your roving reporter